when you visit museums or exhibitions, do you prefer guided tours or exploring alone

@Stoori I would love to have a guided tour without anyone guiding me tbh

@Stoori I hate guided tours, not only those I attend (which I never do, except forced by school a couple times), but also guided tours others attend in an exhibit I'm in. Can't stand a trail of bougies following someone who doesn't know half of what they're talking about like a little herd of hipster sheep, making distracting noises and useless crowds around the items on display.

(Yeah I have strong opinions here lol)

@cadxdr yeah, i also hate guided tours in general. but then, sometimes part of the info is only hidden away in those guided tours and not available for self explorers, which sucks, but i'm more eager to miss the info than to attend a tour.

@Stoori yeah give people a little pamphlet and don't typeset the information on the wall in no constrast grey on grey thin sans serif font, that should cut it

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