do you want to move to horsepiss soon?

do you like renovating a protected house?

well i got something to show!

@Stoori how does that heater work? looks like it has (quite small) flow and return pipes, a 230V feed for something electrical and some other pipe at the bottom (gas?)

@vfrmedia i can't be sure, but seems to be a retrofitted electric heater in a wood-fireplace. that's a thing in some old houses here, and i guess retrofitting makes it so that you can't burn wood there any more (or then you can, i don't know all the possibilities). heat will be stored in the stone mass.

both of those connections are electricity, they're in the same circuit i think (the upper one looks like just a control unit). definitely no gas though, that's not a thing here.

@Stoori looks like Finland also has all 3 phases running into the house (in UK this is only done in really big houses), so high power electric heating is a lot easier to install..

@vfrmedia yeah, i guess it's the norm to have 3 phases in single family houses too. only very remote houses don't have it.

might be related to the fact that gas is really not used here, so most stoves are electric. and of course heating is a must, and electricity is a very common way to do it.

@Stoori my cooker is from Italy and is split (so the hob is gas and the oven/grill electric) - the oven/grill connections are wired up so they could either use a 16A single phase or split the elements across L1,L2,L3 for countries which have 3 phase in a domestic kitchen..

The practice of only running single phase to UK houses is biting folk in the arse when they have stronger appliances like electric showers, cookers *and* want to charge an EV, easy to open the service head fuse in winter..

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