Still chuckling about how the novel Lord of the Flies was specifically a critique of BRITISH imperialism and the violence that society instilled from childhood on, and has nothing to do with so-called "human nature."

When a group of real-life Tongan teenagers were stranded on an island and had to fend for themselves in a very similar scenario, what did they do? They built houses, a badminton court, and a gym, planted gardens, set up a rotating watch for passing ships, and peacefully resolved disputes until they were rescued 15 months later. Violent human nature my ass.

@ljwrites British nursery rhymes absolutely fuck me up, every time i stop for three seconds and think about their lyrics, or research them


@meena @ljwrites having read lots of british novels, both ”classics” and modern, i've unavoidably arrived at the conclusion that the british society is first and foremost based on sadism.

@Stoori @ljwrites I mean stuff like:

I'll be back in the morning with my bill.

Having been born in Socialist Jugoslavija, and grown up in Social Austria, that song just feels… so dystopian…

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