I've lived over nine years with that one cat, and it still doesn't trust me :(

Jumps to the wall every time i enter the room.

I've done nothing to it. This is frustrating

(No advices, please)

@Stoori >jumps to the wall
is it spider-man^Wspider-cat?

@Stoori I have one of those too. A really happy cat as long as 2m safety distance is kept. Also nine years together. Although she likes my partner so much she's actually gotten tamer since the move. He got to pet her once, and the other day she was standing like 20cm from him trying to see what he was doing when he scooped the litterbox. She runs from me.

@Silhelm that's good, if she's got a bit tamer. this one here is sometimes easier on me, but now after the move it's been terrible and it's sure that i *must* be the source of all the inconvenience.

sometimes i wonder if it has experienced something very traumatic before i met it, and even before my spouse met it (it was their cat already before we met).

@Stoori yea, something has spooked both of mine, they're afraid of hands. They're litter mates, born at a rescue, I got them when they were 6 months.

The boy cat, like most fixed cat guys, is cuddly, but hands can be spooky so we have a consent thing where we ask if we can pet him and make the intended movement in the air. He's smart enough to recognise the words (and having some seconds where everyone is still to realise there's no threat), but about 30% of the time not.

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