fuck nato, fuck nuclear weapons 

i just learned that, thanks to joining a fucking nato, finland has voted against the prohibition of nuclear weapons in the un ( and abstained in voting for nuclear disarmament (

fucking nato, fucking finnish bootlickers.

if you read this and you think that it's good that finland joined nato, fuck you very much! do us both a favor and block me.

fuck nato, fuck nuclear weapons 


Nuclear weapons are already here. At least since Finland applied for NATO membership.

It's logically *fair to inform other UN countries about the changed stance and ongoing situation.

Fuck it very much indeed, but it's not in our hands right now 🥺

fuck nato, fuck nuclear weapons. Russian invasion. Suicideish 


To be honest I was scared shitless for a bit after the invasion stated. I was flipping between three sets of thoughts;
1. Gotta get ready fuck off westward in 5 minutes
2. Gotta join the army
3. Just get this shit over with and shoot than damn 7.62 in my temple now

I can see how joining nato would become a popular idea. I'm not saying I'm for it or that i think it a good thing. To be completely honest thinking about this stuff just makes me sad so i try to avoid it.

re: fuck nato, fuck nuclear weapons 

@Stoori didn’t we all know nuclear weapon is a fucking terrible thing since like, almost 80 years ago, why is it still a thing

re: nuclear weapons 

@xarvos, precisely because it’s a fucking terrible thing and the purpose of arms racism is not having to use the weapons. (Doesn’t mean that they won’t, but it’s doing a decent job postponing another world war so far.)

Ideally everyone should disarm entirely and wars, if any, should be in form of fist fights, @Stoori, but I only say so because I don’t have any weapon at hands. The link votes basically show nations with nuclear weapons and their close allies would like to keep their superiority. In addition, the UNSC is about protecting the interests of great powers, their actions are statically not in favor of an average person’s life.

I’m not suggesting the expansion of NATO is a positive thing though.

fuck nato, fuck nuclear weapons 

@Stoori I didn't realise our government had managed to sink to yet another low. I generally try to respond in a thoughtful and eloquent way, but honestly: fuck this shit.

Actually, maybe that's the thoughtful & eloquent response in this case.

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