i'm writing in this chapter about the question if emojis are language or not. you can help me by telling in your own words what the following string of emojis means:

🧑‍🏫📝🗑 🏃🌆🫂🧋🗣 🌅🛌

note: *right* answers only! do not try to play smart or give obviously far-fetched or humorous interpretations. go for the most basic and neutral meaning you think the string has.

heheheh my other emoji example is more straightforward:


and nobody's gonna stop me from putting that in a nonfiction book foor teenagers 😏

perhaps i could also put 🧢🛹 there to represent myself 💁

Doing something that didn't quite work out, went to city, saw friend, got consoled, had drinks till morning and went to bed.

@Stoori Oj nice! I wrote my Master Thesis on "What kind of signs are Emojis".

@Stoori Academic article writing is trash, run away to/from [potentially unclear] the big city, hug your friends, drink some tea, shout at sunsets [slightly too humorous, but talky human is unclear, gape at sunsets? Drink bubble tea and spit the bubbles on others, enjoy sunsets and sleep], sleep.

@Stoori The first three read as "trying to write a letter but it's bad so I threw it away", went for an evening run, met a loved one and we had boba together, we talked all night until I went to bed.

Alternatively, the last three could also be "my neighbours woke me up by yelling early in the morning*. Depends on context.

@Stoori If your teacher writes you a note, put it in the bin and run away from the city. Find someone who will give you a drink, talk to you (or let you talk?) and give you a place to sleep tomorrow.

Teach writing, trash person, city-loving, coffee-demanding... sunbed?

@Stoori a teacher writes a list, takes out the trash then goes for a run in the city around sunset. runs into a friend/known person and hugs them, has a bubble tea as a refreshment, then yells at sunset by a body of water after which they crawl into bed.

@Stoori (i realized "yelling at sunset" might count as possibly humorous but the emoji combination *does* look like that to me, i didn't go out of my way to come up with that or anything, those three lines next to the head always translate to "yelling at something" to me)

@Stoori i wonder how someone who's used to reading/writing from right to left would interpret the emoji string

@corvidae that's a good point! in the context where i'm using it it's obvious that it's left to right, but that may not hold in all contexts if there's no other writing than emojis


@Stoori Teaching things to be written and thrown out, then going to a party for hugs, drinks, and a loud conversation. Sleeping through dawn. A teacher writes something and throws it in the trash bin, then runs across the city to meet someone for bubble tea. They talk until the sun sets and then sleep.

@Stoori Threw homework in the trash went into the city, met a friend at a [place that sells the beverage pictured idk its name], where we talked till sunrise when I went to bed. (and presumably also went home before)

(the first one stumps me, I find it broad and because it's the first sentence, there's no context to steer one direction)

Taught/studied/wrote a paper on/that was trash. (Or just in the lines of that whatever work that was, it was bad)
Ran to the city to meet friends, we had drinks and laughed.
By sunrise I was in bed.

@Stoori had an exam in school today but halfway through the exam realising what’s written is completely rubbish so I ran home in the last beams of sunlight. My friends came and comforted me and we had some bubble tea together and chatted til the next day then I went to sleep

@Stoori In 2020, my online Go friends and I played a couple of werewolf games on the OGS forum. Each game took about two weeks, and ahead of each game, we decided about the rules (skills of the characters etc).

One game feature that became very popular was the "emoji disease". Before the begin of a new ingame day, the game master randomly chose one person who had "emoji disease" on that day and was *only* allowed to communicate using emojis, while all others could write normally and often attempted to translate the posts of the "sick" person. We soon established a kind of syntax, vocabulary, and nicknames for each player. (We never laid down the rules explicitly, though, so that some players would communicate very differently than most others and were really hard to understand.)

I can try to find some examples, if you're interested.

@KAOS hehe, that sounds like fun :D

and thanks, but i probably won't need any more examples. this is just one short chapter in this book

@Stoori i'd say this is a day in your life or sth like that. you study/go to school, then work out, meet friends for boba and talking in the evening, have a look at the sunset (or sunrise) and go to bed.

@Stoori my school work was trash, so i went to the city to have bobba with my partner. We chatted until sunset, when we went to bed

@Stoori ”studying is garbage. Rather run to city and meet friends, have boba tea and talk till it’s bedtime.” 🤔

It’d be interesting how well sign language speakers would interpret that… Because this feels more like sign language than spoken language.


the teacher wrote garbage, so i walked to the city to meet friends and drink coffee and talk to them until at sunrise I went to bed

(extremely honest answer: I wouldn't bother figuring out what it means, if anything, if it wasn't for you asking)

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