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Word-initial consonant clusters in georgian :mild_panic:

so there are at least two finnish books with the title ”aunus in fire”

tfw you see case forms of a random uralic language and are like ”waitaminute, those are like finnish koti, kotona, kotiin”

reduplication <3

(btw, reduplication is present in about 85 % of world's languages)


when you give a Yoruba speaker money, are they like ”owó what's this?”

What if i just packed this stuff in small pouches and sold it on etsy as finnish forest scent

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no, craiyon, that's not a ”hairy arse”

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i tried to make a ”metaperse” joke, but craiyon clearly didn't understand my request


Also, we don't have any mirrors installed yet, so dressing is a bit guesswork, but i guess this looks okay.

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