Hahaa, finally my author's copies have made their long journey from the west coast of the USA to my home in Finland!

Look, there it is! My first genuinely foreign publication!

(And if you want to have your own copy, you can order it here: microcosmpublishing.com/catalo)

¡hola camarad@s español@s!

Si encuentras cuentas fachas, no tienes que tootear públicamente de ellas. Es mejor que simplemente reportarlas a tus moderator@s.

Every time you tell people publicly about a fascist account you've encountered, the fascists gets more views. If it's a normal user account, just report it to moderators. The account will be suspended promptly.

However, if it's an admin of another instance, then it's good to spread word, so that the instance will be defederated.

And here's the recipe, from 70s Dinner Party twitter account.

I haven't seen this one here yet, but I bet this *must* have been here.

Anyway, here's @garfiald sex couch.

ukpol shitpost 

Did you know:

When you flip a crap bike lane upside down, it sneers at you.

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