I showed these two photos yesterday, and my friend asked how can we handle a cat so cute. My answer: barely!

Here's our nonfiction shelf, btw. Lenins are there on the lower left corner.

Also, my phone has a shitty camera.

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I found the original video for this over ten years old remix only yesterday, and the original is apparently 16 years old.

(The original is btw web.archive.org/web/2005110409)

fun fact: in finland when you want to get trans treatment, you have to do silly psychological tasks for the gatekeepers. one of the tasks is that they give you a sheet full of squares that have some random lines, and you're asked to ”complete the pictures”.

there's one square that has like two lines like this, and the instant i saw this i drew a hammer and sickle there.

(no image description; btw i don't know how blind people can pass the gatekeepers when there are so many visual tasks...)

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There was a lot of noise and (at least online) protesting even here in the EU against the Trump wall between Mexico and the USA, but now that EU countries are building walls on their outer borders and are extremely serious about it, I barely see any protest noises, at least not nearly comparable to that of earlier trumpwall protests.

Is the media just silent when it happens at home, or is this really no big deal for euroleftists?


LibraryThing has revamped their statistics section, and there is now this beautiful barchart comparing our collection to the site's aggregate collections from the point of view how popular books people in general have in their collections.

I really much like how our collection is heavy on the ”obscure” and ”esoteric” categories, even though they are just fancy labels for less popular books and not a commentary on their contents.

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Ya haraam! Look at what they did to the imam!

Was browsing old photos and came across this picture of our baby cat from seven years ago.

So fragile.

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Hah! I was going through some old files and came across this ad I made two years ago of my two novels :D

Yes I'm a serious writer indeed.

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*extremely finnish voice* TUNKEONI!

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