Wat ben ik nu aan het lezen:

(En waarom? Nou ja, stel niet dit vraag, aub!)

We had a nice excercise in our sign language course: watch a short animation and sign a one minute summary of it.

Here's how I summarise the following animation: youtube.com/watch?v=07d2dXHYb9

And the language here is Finnish Sign Language.

bernie meme 

(picture not mine, apparently from finland)

I finally got my @languagetransfer guidebook on mail, yay! And some swag, too.

I'll see when I have time to read it properly, and then I can give a review.

This is my another bike. I started studying in another city last year, commuting there by train, so I bought a cheap-and-dirty second hand bike to ride from the station to the campus.

It is terrible to ride. It certainly won't take me to such long adventures that @pla was doing. But its name is 'Punasiipi', which is Finnish for 'Red Wing'. It's a workhorse all right, and it makes my days so much brighter.

Because that's what cycling really is about.


This is what my life looked like eight and a half years ago.

For example here are all albums by the artist named Abel.

How many different languages can you find?

How many different artists you think these really are?

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This I give you a still image of a video where I'm telling a story about when I was sixteen and went for a lonely walk on christmas night and ended up walking around the local graveyard which was completely candlelit.

Tänään opin, että Jyväskylän Cygnaeuksenkadun nimi viitotaan VAIKEA+SANOA+KATU.

Today I learned that a street in Jyväskylä, Finland, that is called Cygnaeus Street, is signed as HARD+TO-SAY+STREET.

Imaged on the right is the whole centrum of the Netherland's fourth biggest city, including world's busiest cycleway and the NL:s busiest railway station.

Imaged on the left, just five kilometers from the location on the right, is basically just one intersection for cars.

The scale is same on both sides.

Although a Soviet cashmere cardigan and a Soviet woollen winter coat are probably overkill even here in post-arctic Finland, I couldn't help but buy them from a flea market today.

only a day late this time!

So, a Finnish company known for its traditional upper class style is now advertising oat milk with the following picture.

I'm not sure if they know what they're doing or if the ad agency is trolling them or what's happening here...

Did you know that in Finland you can take the L train to Esbo.

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