Today, instead of actually studying , I made myself these beautiful Egyptian Arabic Thinker Vocabulary Cards by @languagetransfer. They're laminated and all, real beauties!

You can download your own cards from LT's web page, They are actually in pretty colours, but I only have a BW printer, thus I converted all the colours to black.

The one side of these cards has roots, and the other has patterns. Really clever indeed!

Today I dressed up for the Finnish writers' winter get-together dinner.

An artsy hat is a must.

Kirjoitusergonomia on nyt vähän parempi. keyboardio ja DAS-asettelu. <3

Hey @nextcloud, could you (or somebody else) say if it's possible for me to change my Social host name?

I'm selfhosting at home, thus using mainly from localhost. When I first opened Social, it created me an account with @localhost host name. After that I opened Social via my public domain name, but the @localhost stays there, and I can't find any settings page for the Social app to tinker with this.

So am I stuck with this @localhost now? Or should I delete & re-enable Social?

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Really the best way to celebrate new year is to browse twatter for and also making your very own.

Look, it's crying!

(Yes, this is a phenomenon over there, and it really could be one here too.)

Nyt kävi näin! 51066 sanaa, ja Fitsikapinalliset-trilogian päätösosa on kirjoitettu.

How to get into the right mood when your is taking place in the tropical heat but you're self living in Finland in November? Well, you bring on the 🍍 of course!

Tule kuuntelemaan reikäpäisen satiirin kirjoittajaa Helsingin kirjamessuilla lauantaina 27.10. klo 18.30 Töölö-lavalla ”Moninaiset kirjailijat, moninaiset hahmot” -keskustelussa.

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