Signed video, transcript:

Let's assume I'm talking about a cat. If I sign like this (points), what do you think I'm meaning with this sign (points)?

fart joke 

You know this pet toy? You know the sound that it makes?

Well, consider that sound, but instead of a toy shaped like a pig it's shaped like a butt.

Yeah, that's what I'd like.

I had a homework of popularizing scientific information, and part of it was to make a visualization. Which is something I hate.

But anyway, here's me visualizing the basic sign order of Finnish Sign Language, namely AVP. To make it more visualization-like I applied a cartoon filter.

Tekijänkappaleet saapuivat! Novellini Noidan sisin on nähnyt päivänvalon, antologiassa Nouse luontoni!

Jos haluaa ostaa, niin minulla on näitä muutama myynnissä, mutta monille on varmaan helpompaa tilata suoraan kustantamon verkkokaupasta.

complaining about academic publishing 

Just look at this shit! This is outrageous!

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hairy trans legs, nonlewd panties 

You know those jester pants with two different legs?

Well that, but with hair.

I was shooting a video for my sign language homework when this happened!

covid, meme directed at every european government and society 

this could be us but u playin

More on multilingual usage of .

I was interested to see how a bilingual file with text in one left-to-right language (English) and one right-to-left language (Arabic) would show up. The file is served on without default language.

1st image is how the file looks like in my editor. There's one change of direction inline and another one on a new line.

2nd image is how renders the file. Appalling.

3rd image is from . Brilliant!

(no image description)

Tein viittomakielen kurssia varten niin hyvän videon, että jaanpa julkisesti.

Lyhyt esittely Tampereen ratikan visuaalisista ominaisuuksista.

Wat ben ik nu aan het lezen:

(En waarom? Nou ja, stel niet dit vraag, aub!)

We had a nice excercise in our sign language course: watch a short animation and sign a one minute summary of it.

Here's how I summarise the following animation:

And the language here is Finnish Sign Language.

bernie meme 

(picture not mine, apparently from finland)

I finally got my @languagetransfer guidebook on mail, yay! And some swag, too.

I'll see when I have time to read it properly, and then I can give a review.

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