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”One quick tip before we begin. lf you ever need to impress someone with your spoken (or written) Arabic, use a conditional sentence in your conversation. It will give the impression that you have more control over the language than you may actually have. This is particularly helpful if you are being tested orally. Arabic conditional sentences are very easy to produce, yet they sound more complicated that they are and give the illusion of conveying complex meanings.”

if @ugla ever moved to the netherlands, they'd have plenty of fitting addresses to choose from

macabre news algorithms, death 

so, this news site thinks that i'd also like the fact that floods are killing people not only in europe but in turkey too

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i bought new headphones. this is how the manual looks like

there's dudebro electronics. and then there's dudebro electronics

i mean look at these pictures

the first two are me in berlin in 2015, the last two are screencaps showing abla fahita in berlin, taken from mayestahlushi music video from 2014

i didn't know about the song at that time, yet i looked exactly like abla fahita

and still i ask why can't i hold all these mayestahlushi

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fun fact: i filmed this video in 2012 because i was so charmed by princess chelsea's cover of the beatles' and i love her

(gif containing a video of a person dressed as a fairy swinging in a finnish summer night)

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selfie, semilewd 

Can you believe it? I'm sitting here, and this is what I have to watch all the time. Outrageous!


we were just casually reading in the park when we got surprise visitors

no, we didn't have anything to eat or to offer them, so after a while they politely left

talking about running from money, i remembered doing this nice knucktat generator thing three years ago

this is related to a local development project where they proposed all kinds of utterly lifeless neoliberal names for a new area, so i coined my own: PUSINÄSSY

it's a ridiculous twist of the word business with a reference to a local lake (Nässy). can't really describe how fun it is if you're not 'in' in finnish culture, but take my word :D

Otsikkotaiteen helmiä: ”80 joulukuusta upotettiin talvella järveen — nyt niitä peittää limainen mönjä, joka sai tutkimusprofessorin innostumaan: 'Ooh, kyllä'”

A very beautiful headline: ”80 christmas trees were sunken in a lake in the winter — now they're covered in a slimy sludge, which makes a research professor excited: 'Oh, yes'”

it's good that we have a neighbourhood called Sori (meaning ”sorry” in colloquial finnish) in this city, so the weather forecast can apologize when the weather is unbearable

Thanks to @elilla for tipping off the brand, I'm now ready to get my bombilla clogged!


Just hanging out, waiting for APD program to start.

nakedness, toilet, selfie 

found a picture named ”oversharing_is_overcaring.jpg” from 2014, and turns out it's me sitting naked on a toilet seat with a pointy white faux-fur hat on my head

1980s fashion 

I was just idling with finnish music videos from youtube, and then i came across these absolute fashion icons from 1986

That's a journalist, wearing a yellow windstopper and a red tie, interviewing a singer wearing a ferrari sweatshirt and checkered cotton pants, both sitting on bare rock

(names are Kari Salmelainen and Irwin Goodman, in case you're interested)


my spouse just keeps telling me that i look cute. well, i suppose so!

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