Hey, it's , and for once I look fine!

Here are two screenshots from a video I just made for my sign language course. There I'm explaining to you where in the Netherlands is .

Could anyone help me with ?

I need to make a pdf with a title page that looks like this. It has custom content, the document title is centered and the custom content is in the lower right corner.

How to achieve this?

I'm a beginner with asciidoctor, so step-by-step instructions would be nice.

My cat had one (1) look at my Mastodon feed, and now they have this empty stare...

I haven't dressed up this much for over a month now. I even have a new shirt on!

We had planned to go to buy new office chairs today, but now my spouse is too tired to go, so I sit dressed up here at home.

Might as well use the opportunity to take a .

If you've ever been thinking about how to translate twink into Finnish, I'd suggest 'pehmiä' as in the old Bible.

I'm 18 minutes early, but anyway here I am, fresh from sauna, drinking mead.

You may have heard about how Dutch cycling culture revitalization and movement started in the 1970s with the ”stop murdering children” slogan.

You may also have heard that in the NL the car driver is assumed guilty in collisions involving a car and a bike/pedestrian.

But have you heard that this approach to traffic culture has its roots in 17th century or even earlier?

oil price 

You remember when oil price got negative yesterday?

You remember that they explained it away with saying that it was just futures for May and it was the last day to trade them, and futures for June were trading for around $20 and that would be the price today.

Well guess what! Today the futures for June have lost almost half of their value from yesterday and they're trading for less than $12. And it's still a whole month until they close.

Okay, I don't usually like to post pre-transition pictures, because they're pre-transition pictures...

But this one of me at the age of 20 (gosh, that's so long ago!) is so spot-on, that this time I can make an exception.

Today's semi-absurd music experience, arrived at because of language learning.

Looks like there are a lot of praising songs written about the Tanzanian president Magufuli.

Welp, this is one way to practise , I guess...

For I'll give you a video of me signing lynx in Finnish Sign Language.

I was wondering how to fingerspell Arabic letters in a sign language. And today I came across this, the fingerspelling of Saudi Arabian Sign Language.

I don't know if these same signs are in use in other sign languages in the other Arabic countries. But at least these just look so... elegant!

If you're writing software and it's even remotely possible that it could be used with any other language than English, make sure your software doesn't forcibly use ligatures unless it's 100% sure it's handling English text. Otherwise you'll just produce utter ugliness.

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