Nyt on muuten ilmestynyt novelliantologia Äänellä jonka kuulet — spekulatiivisia novelleja sukupuolen moninaisuudesta. Minulla on siinä novelli Pure mun ananasta, joka on lähitulevaisuuteen sijoittuva meemihenkinen seikkailu Bataranamin roistovaltiossa.


3400 sanaa teknistä asiakirjaa suomennettu alle neljässä tunnissa

kiitos mate ystävyydestä


Last week I had a corporation's internal magazine to translate. One of the interviewed workers cited a poem which has not been translated in my language.

So I sighed and translated it myself, with ”corporate quality” aka anything goes as far as the job gets done.

Now the client is praising the translation, and exceptionally wants to put my name next to it (it's not common in corporate translations).

MFW I'm now officially a poetry translator. :D

There was a local trans rights demonstration today, so of course I had to wear my uniform there.

political meme, eurovision 

Yeah, try to work while the cat's arse is blocking half of my display.

The feel when your editor has made their comments on an old version of your story... Can't stand without mate.

I'm not here to protest, just to look that no one sneaks to the backstage during this bicycling event.

Today, instead of actually studying , I made myself these beautiful Egyptian Arabic Thinker Vocabulary Cards by @languagetransfer. They're laminated and all, real beauties!

You can download your own cards from LT's web page, languagetransfer.org/free-cour. They are actually in pretty colours, but I only have a BW printer, thus I converted all the colours to black.

The one side of these cards has roots, and the other has patterns. Really clever indeed!

Today I dressed up for the Finnish writers' winter get-together dinner.

An artsy hat is a must.

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