Hahaa, finally my author's copies have made their long journey from the west coast of the USA to my home in Finland!

Look, there it is! My first genuinely foreign publication!

(And if you want to have your own copy, you can order it here: microcosmpublishing.com/catalo)

Less than 48 hours to go! Consider supporting this Dragon Bike anthology in , and you'll also support my American debut!


(Yes, less than 48 hours until I stop spamming this campaign.)

Three days to go!!! If you love bikes and/or dragons, please consider supporting our Dragon Bike anthology in Kickstarter.

There'll be a bunch of rad feminist scifi and fantasy stories, including my velopunk story set in 19th century Bataraman.


Coming soon: Dragon Bike. An anthology of fantastical stories about bikes and dragons. And one of those stories is by me!


Now let's see if the Kickstarter project is already public so that I could promote it more...

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