Coming soon: Dragon Bike. An anthology of fantastical stories about bikes and dragons. And one of those stories is by me!

Now let's see if the Kickstarter project is already public so that I could promote it more...

If you're of the opinion that sports is boring etc., you may still love this biography of Caster Semenya.

Knowing what Semenya has had to go through is outright shivering, and this book is wholly on her side. Plus we get to see a gay wedding at the end.

This book really delivers. Don't care that it's written for kids, it just means that it won't be too hard to read. 5 stars.

¿Adonde comprar libros impresos españoles y iberoamericanos en el Internet?

- en la UE
- no Amazon

Estoy en Finlande, así que despacho internacional es esencial.

There wasn't space for hashtags, so here they are. Look for the first toot in the thread.

My second novel, ”Latter Days Business Opportunities”, is coming out in October 2019.

The book itself is in Finnish, but I thought I could share the trailer I made for it for the international audience too, as the imagery is pretty self explanatory.

I just managed to finish reading Poe's complete works, and I must say that I'm both surprised and appalled at how boring a writer Poe is.

The struggle took me three months, and every page was a fight against falling asleep.

Pro tip: don't read Poe, the world is full of much better books.

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