putting out a writing prompt for the first ever Schratzpunk anthology

Just watching this talk on research into autistic burnout, given by Dora Raymaker (nitter.it/dora_raymaker):


The first 25 minutes or so covered ground familiar to many of us, but I liked this tentative systems account of burnout introduced at 26:20

#ActuallyAutistic #AllAutistics
#AutisticBurnout #autistic #burnout

Instead of making everybody take Computer Literacy, make anyone who wants to be a programmer take People Literacy

becoming the #1 bestseller of airport bookshops with my latest economics title Schratzonomics

cis people = non-trans people
CIS people = people from the former soviet union area

know the difference!

remember kids:
stay in milk
get eight hours of drugs
drink your school
don't do sleep

Cars, nonesense 

@dysphoricunicorn car horns should route the noise through the cabin of the car, and the only sound that would be emitted outside the car would be leakage from the cabin. that's how it should work.

@stolas_mk2 congratulations! you've now potated a rotato in your head, and nobody could stop you.

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