Hi !

I've been a bit quiet on the admin front lately, and this has been a slow and snug place, easy to take care of. But there's one issue that'll be pressing soon.

Our hosting plan is for 100 users. We now have 96 registered users. But only about a third of those *seem* to be active, so I thought that I could start to prune some of the oldest accounts that have not been used after registering.

Don't worry, everyone whose account looks abandoned will get a DM and time to react.

Hmmh. I'd like to go interrailing this spring/summer. But I don't want to go alone, I'd need a friend willing to sit in a train for days and being able to go, a friend I don't have at the moment.

Also, I don't actually know where I would go and what I'd like to see. If I knew people in Europe, I could visit them, but I don't have such friends.

So the prospect to sit alone in a train for a week and not to have any clear destination/people to see is not that appealing.

It sucks to be so lonely.

@sifr And in reality there are no trees but only parking lots around the building...

@rysiek polyglot.city, an instance for multilingualism and language learners, roughly 100 users, hosted in France, admin from Finland.

Kirjoitusergonomia on nyt vähän parempi. keyboardio ja DAS-asettelu. <3

@kingprawn You can use your account as a regular account in person, but please don't connect a bot script to it. The Fediverse has enough of other instances to use for bot account purposes.

@June It's good! I'm self-hosting on a 10 year old iMac running at the corner of my office (not on macOS though, I installed Debian on it). Works well, there has been no major issues so far (nearly a year).

Photo syncing from a 5 year old iPhone works well, as apparently does from Android, too.

Wouldn't switch from Nextcloud to any other solution now that I'm used to it. I also like how it can be extended with apps, for example the Nextcloud RSS reader is useful.

@kingprawn Hi Adam, and welcome here!

Please note our rules:

”2. No bot accounts or accounts used solely for automated crossposting, redirections or data farming. Every account on this instance must be used manually by a real person. Bot accounts and automated accounts will be deleted.”

So I suggest that you could run the bot on some other account, perhaps in botsin.space, and use this account only for posting in person.

@queeranarchism In general, mostly. In my personal experience as trans and autistic, there are usually no problems with other people about me being trans, but everyone's always losing their nuts and resorting to blunt abilism when my autistic traits are showing.

I just got overboarded from a coop I was founding 7 years ago and which is generally an easy place for all kinds of minorities — except autists. So having a community where neurotypicals acknowledge their privilege is the 1st step.

@queeranarchism also, there would be a huge need for articles about how neurotypical people could accommodate themselves around neuroatypical people (only if neurotypical people would acknowledge that this is something that they really really need).

If you have submitted patches (or translations) to Mastodon before and they've become part of the software, you can go here:


And submit an invoice for your work 💰

@switchingsocial How about Smashwords? At least I don't recall that I'd ever needed PayPal there (as an author).


Of course, they have their own engine to make epubs, so I don't know how that would fit in your scheme.

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