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South Africa and India proposed a thing to waive IP rights for COVID vaccinations, which is a good thing, will make them more accessible. Here's a map of who supports it and who doesn't. So basically all the poor countries support it and all the rich countries don't support it. -.-

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I'm confident enough to upgrade my FinSL status in my profile from A level to B level.

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so about time i dropped an #introduction at this new home of mine :)

i'm a brazilian artist & writer and i share my cc-licensed art on my website ( i believe in free art and libre culture and i do my best to live by that. i also do art streams, sometimes, and drawing time-lapse videos.

i'm a non-binary, cat-lover and linux nerd sort of person, and also probably a communist (i try). i toot a lot of nonsense and sometimes i complain about anxiety.

hello :blob_cat_peek:

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This I give you a still image of a video where I'm telling a story about when I was sixteen and went for a lonely walk on christmas night and ended up walking around the local graveyard which was completely candlelit.

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@elilla in the 90s when i was running my own BBS, i installed a typo-insulter, but instead of printing insults to the user, i made it print quotes from the ecclesiastes.

Of course the concept of kindness was quite alien back then, but i still remember the more philosophical solution with some fondness.

Jag är så satans trött och det är ännu omkring 50 minuter i tåget och sen måste jag gå och köpa mat före jag kan cykla hem - och bara efter det kan jag ha dagens första kaffe!

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Glöm inte din mask! 🐛

@InvaderXan interesting! i guess that different mask types behave differently in this respect. the fabric masks i use tend to gather every possible smell inside and then let them linger there under my nose longer than they'd normally stay.

which is quite annoying, as you might guess

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30 years of being student and I still have to make an effort to remind self of this:

if you skipped the last few classes,
if you didn't do the assignments,
if you're way behind on the topic,
then "going to next class" is a choice that makes more sense than "not going to next class".

@InvaderXan I've noticed that wearing a mask doesn't protect from smells, quite the opposite, it reinforces them.

So on that basis I'd say the smell is fairly recent, if you really haven't noticed it before.

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What do you say about this, Ilon Mask? *gg*

( You might want to turn on subtitles. The song is not translated, but I can do it here if someone is interested. A very beautiful cyberfolk song. :) )

@bamfic Haven't you happened to notice that about 1312% of every Murican city's surface area is covered by parking lots already? Doesn't look much like ”too expensive” to build parking lots over there. @wion

@wxcafe only donations? well that was unexpected, here churches run on *taxes*

@wxcafe now you don't really think that churches run on holy spirit alone?

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Anybody here knows Kurdish and wanna have a low intensity chat going or something? Specifically interested in Sorani.

I was in Hewlêr for a few weeks a year ago. I was there with two classmates as part our education, having classes with 15-year olds in an art school. It was an amazing time wearing the hat of mamosta (teacher) with them.

It was an amazing place, and I want more of it. Also the students didn't know much English, so it would be nice to know some more Kurdish if I meet them again.

Dest xosh!

#askfedi #languagelearning

@wxcafe wouldn't really call church *free*, at least if your intention is to go to the same church regularly.

@vfrmedia I especially like the gender-neutral wording of ”for all those who might need them”. Hopefully the practice will also be gender-neutral.

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#Scotland has become the first country in the World to provide period products free for all those who might need them:

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