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the flintstones is actually set in the future after the anprims win

@alva I'm studying it, and so far I'm not very good at it, but as a native Finn and someone who's very comfortable with rich morphology, I must say...

Arabic morphology is a real monster to tame!

I have no doubt it's extremely suitable for expressing subtle nuances. And beautifully so.

But to study it... Well, that's another story! :D

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@Stoori @alva A quick intro to qalb, a functional programming language natively in Arabic:

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@Stoori @alva
also let's not forget that most of Aristotle's works wouldn't have been preserved if Arab scholars hadn't taken a keen interest in them

@alva A while ago I read a book about Arabic influence in Middle Age European science and philosophy, and in that book it was many times repeated how scholars translating Arabic texts to Latin found Latin an utterly vague and unsuitable language for science, because it just couldn't replicate the rich nuances of Arabic.

So perhaps using Arabic as a base language for software would be something. Also a big middle finger to all those who think that US-ASCII is enough characters for everything. :D

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Then I also get to test my hypothesis that a more information-dense language (that encodes more information in each word) is better suited as a base language for translations. Many translations are quite poor due to the ambiguity of English. You need more context than what a short text string provides, to be able to translate it well.

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For the next program I write, I'll try to not use English as the main language. Seems so sad that it's the default and often only [fully] supported language even in software primarily created by people whose native language is something else. If people who don't speak English can learn it in order to use a program or whatever, then surely English speakers can do the same?

@interneteh @cosine @iitalics also, like a widespread electricity infrastructure would be difficult to build, like if there wasn't already ubiquitous electricity distribution network reaching everywhere.

@celesteh Pretty much this. I'm the regular ”tech gal” in many groups I'm part of, and this is how I operate.

However I should add that a general accustomization to tinker with computer systems is usually necessary to reach the required level of self-confidence and to be able to come up with the search terms that actually help to do the thing.

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Continually irritated because every time I try to go out in public, the public is there??

Hydrogen trains 

@alva That's cool! Our Finnish rail operator has decided to buy new diesel locomotives to replace the old ones. Sure, they are more efficient, cleaner and quieter than the current ones, but hydrogen would have been better...

Anyway, I very much prefer the loud sound of diesel locomotives, so in that sense it's a bit sad that the old engines are getting replaced...

@jonne siihen saatan lopulta päätyä. odotan nyt ensin, mitä valmistaja neuvoo asiassa.

The space key of my Keyboardio Model 01 stopped working. :(

It was stucking to repeat the space until another key was pressed, so I tried the usual anti-chatterig measure aka isopropanol. After that the key does nothing, so I guess it shorted and broke down.

Warranty has ended already, so now I just remapped some keys and must learn new routines. It sucks.

And no, I'm not able to use a soldering iron. I consider instabanning everyone who mentions soldering.

@anne ahah, now I get it! I thought that you meant that you're doing awkward rectangle-like gestures during speaking. :D

Yeah, I agree, video calls are a totally different context from being in the same space, so they need their own gestural habits and importing the habits directly from meatspace just isn't enough.

@anne As long as they help get the message through, they're super good and not awkward. :)

@anne That's good too! Hands are an underestimated part of formal discourse. Gesturing is too often reduced to informal ”emphatic” function only.

@anne Oh cool!

I just watched a bit, because this really isn't my field, but you had an interesting way to describe the name of the object, where you used some hand signs in addition to saying it aloud.

I was just wondering, if those are some common and standard ways to use hand signs to name these objects in your field, or if they are from sign language, or was it just some ad-hoc idea that you employed?

Anyway it looked cool! I think people should combine speech and signs more often. :)

@aino_kaisa mun lukuprojektit on vähän tollasia performatiivisia usein. :D

Mutta kyllä se luetuksi tuli. Paljon meni epäilemättä ohi, mutta helmiä onnistuin tälläkin kielitaidolla poimimaan.

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