@superruserr @ParadeGrotesque sure, I don't mind there being videos. But what makes me annoyed is the trend to make just the video and not give any textual instructions.

@superruserr @ParadeGrotesque

I always prefer written material in *any* language (and I'm not native English, take note), because written text is so much easier to read and reread until it's understood. And written material is so much easier to use as reference later on. May be an autistic trait too.

If there's no written material available, I may as well not use the thing I'm trying to use. Video tutorials are useless for me. I'm very sad of the recent trend to make *only* video.


@jonne On tosiaan myös tämä suomalainen kansalaisaloite asiasta, mutta siihen on kertynyt nimiä sen verran hitaasti, että läpimeno tuntuu tässä vaiheessa jo epätodennäköiseltä. Ellei sitten jokin maailmanpoliittinen tapahtuma äkkiä sysää tätä isosti otsikoihin.


Allekirjoitin tämän eurooppalaisen kansalaisaloitteen lentämistä koskevasta verohelpotuksesta. Lentäminen on yksi tärkeimmistä ilmastokriisin osasyistä, joten meidän ei pitäisi tukea lentoyhtiöitä ilmaston kustannuksella.


@sifr They're doing some great work!

But I was a bit disappointed that the elephant in the room was not mentioned with a single word. At least in Scandinavia half of the microplastics are from rubber tyres. It can't be that different in Newfoundland. Yet the video only mentions plastics and points out some consumer products, although the big effects would come from road traffic.

In the mood to spend the night lounging around with candles lit and a fancy drink, getting random music from radiooooo.com (I recommend it pretty often: map of the world, choose your decade and country, and it pulls up a random song.)

Masto admin question 

@laurie Is that like one of those traditional European instruments, or do I remember it wrong now?

@tinker I'm one of those who don't write every day. My routine is to set a deadline (external or my own), divide the story to manageable chunks (eg. chapters) and then write the chunks in rapid succession (eg. one month intensive daily writing, then a few months of not writing).

Music helps me keep my pace when typing. Just one song in repeat, either instrumental or in language I don't understand. The music keeps me focused on writing. And full screen mode, so I see nothing but the text.

@rgggn Jag åkte just tåg genom Danmark och tänkte (igen) att danska låter så rolig att jag skulle lära mig att lyssna och tala danska. Föstås jag behöver det för ingenting, men... :D

@rgggn They may look the same, but they definitely don't sound the same!

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