i guess that's subtooting about half the people here :D

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@mousebot @vfrmedia Indeed! The German schooling system was on purpose designed so that the Turkish immigrants couldn't integrate into the German society, with the underlying idea that they'd return (or be returned) to Turkey later on.

Which of course hasn't happened and probably won't happen completely anyway, so it is high time that the schooling policy was thought again and the Turkish were acknowledged as part of the population.

@owl In Finland it varies a lot by the place.

”Normal” towns are like fi+en, on coast also sv. Countryside only fi. If there's any chance of tourists or big immigrant groups, it'll be extra languages, like de+ru, and in rare cases some other languages.

In parts of Lapland there'll also be 1 to 3 Sami languages visible, depending on the place.

Of the places where I've lived I think Borgå has the most multilingual signs, because it's a tourist trap.

@owl anyway, jag visst inte att ume är i samilandet, i finland det är ju bara ganska uppe i lapland

sourcing Brazilian-type mate in Germany 

@elilla thanks for these tips! I looked for Barão in some Finnish webshops and found it, so I'm covered here even further north now. 😻🧉

sourcing Brazilian-type mate in Germany 

- the cheapest source I could find for Barão thick grain is

(same price but higher minimum order limit:

this one is easier for beginners. but it's a 1kg pack, a smaller pack of the traditional one is available at

the traditional one is easy to clog, use it with a "spoon" (circular) bombilla and don't get frustrated.

if you want to get really into cold mate for the summer, look into the "tererê" line instead. you can do tererê with the normal herb but the dedicated ones are easier to make a tasty one.

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trying to prepare weird mate tea thing as if it was normal mate 

@elilla oh dear, this is so important to know! all mate sold in finland is this dry and flaky thing, and i didn't even know there was another type of mate, and at the same time they publish these instructions with gourds and bombillas in finnish without ever specifying that it's not going to work well with the mate being sold here.

no wonder i've been wondering why it doesn't seem to work like in the instructions... 🙄

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