@ak @distel @ghost_bird @kat Hah, at first I thought this was a reference to the number of Luther's theses. But they were 95. :D

My workplace put out a fresh bowl of room temperature soda in the break room, right next to the very exciting halloween decoration. Really captures the company spirit of "meh, we get paid to come here 🤷‍♂️"

”They tackle difficult themes of colonialism and violence with unflinching grace, and the band of young people at the center of the story—and the fate they create for themselves—makes me want to sob and cheer at the same time. — — This may be the story in this book most likely to rewire your brain.”

That's what they said about my short story in the coming Dragon Bike anthology!


xr arrests (uk) 

@jonne @ssundell Lentokenttämainokset tuntuvat jostain syystä (mainostajasta riippumatta) aina mainonnan dystooppisimmalta kärjeltä. Niistä on tehokkaasti osattu karsia kaikki inhimilliseen vivahtava.

people on here are really wondering why the western media is ignoring the Ecuador protests??? I mean...look at them

@garfiald Fun fact:

In Finland there's this ”maripaita” or ”mari shirt”, which is a striped shirt named after the company that designed it (Marimekko). It's the most iconic and easiest way for a middle class person to go ”casual”. The stripes are a bit different from this French shirt though.

So it looks like there's some cross-cultural phenomenon with striped shirts and the word ”mari”.

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