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Life in Wuhan, post-pandemic, pre-vaccine: a photo-essay by a non-photographer with a phone. (A thread.)


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Street art in Islamabad promoting the #AuratAzadiMarch, which happens every year on International Working Women's Day.

other software projects: release
preloma: revelation

me: *posts an informative video about a big local event in sign language on twitter, tagging the organization working on the thing*
no one:
absolutely no one:

me: *posts the same video on mastodon*
my followers: *1 favourite*

yea i guess we have a clear winner here

cursed, sexual, social democracy 

@pastelpunkbandit this is some international trend I guess. here's a finnish socdem condom from a few years ago, with the message ”feel the social democrat inside you”.

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[video] "Coisa mais bonita esse homem levando sua mãe idosa para tomar vacina contra covid-19:

@gryphonEschmidt Well I know Finnish sign language, so as long as your question is general enough regarding sign languages in general and not for example ASL specific I might be able to answer your questions.

@myconidiosyncrasy so this is what they meant with the headline that Nevada is allowing corporations to establish autonomous counties or something

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> I realized that my excitement about my new hand was mostly about being able to be something other than disabled — a cyborg.... I was in the club now. The self-identified cyborg community is super-chic, all over the internet, and actually celebrated by the media, unlike the regular old disabled community. When did this happen?

“I have one of the most advanced prosthetic arms in the world — and I hate it“

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extremely much eye contact, cannot unsee, cannot unknow 

@June my first thought was that if this is some trending meme, it's yet another scam to get gullible people give their biometric data for free without them even knowing what they're actually doing.

@owl Oh, this is getting deeper!

In Finnish compile is ”kääntää”, which is the same as translate, or turn.

But in colloquial use ”kääntää” also means to steal.

So, Finnish was one step ahead all the time and nobody saw it! :D


@polygoat I agree! The best neighbours I have. When it's warm enough to keep windows open I can hear their quacking all the time. 💚

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I feel like not enough of you have met Steve the Sidewalk Giraffe

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