@harri Kai se on aika lailla tottumiskysymys. Dasin ja svorakin erot ovat kuitenkin aika pienet, olennaisin näköjään se, että vokaalit ovat eri puolella.

@harri Mä taas olen mieltynyt DAS-asetteluun. Dvorakkia kokeilin joskus, mutta se ei tuntunut lainkaan luontevalta, kun taas DAS naksahti kohdalleen ihan laakista. Tämä siis 15 vuotta sitten, siitä asti olenkin vain dassaillut.


@kittybecca curiously the list doesn't contain *any* sign languages, although many of them are certainly at least vulnerable.

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so, Mango Languages is a premium language app that offers a number of endangered languages for free:

* Chaldean Aramaic
* Cherokee
* Dzongkha
* Hawaiian
* Irish
* Potawatomi
* Scottish Gaelic
* Tuvan
* Yiddish

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Warnings about COVID-19 are being translated into Aboriginal languages to reach all Australians t.co/f5snGBnZEJ #linguistics

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trans day of yeah but seriously, what's in your pants?

Vaitinaron Jarppa >>>>> Bolsonaron Jarppa

For I'll give you a video of me signing lynx in Finnish Sign Language.

This is clearly some obscure FB reference...

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From Debt: The First 5000 Years, p.79
David Graeber, Melville House Publishing:Brooklyn, NY, 2011

[I]n the Danish writer Peter Freuchen's _Book of the Eskimo_. Freuchen tells how one day, after coming home hungry from an unsuccessful walrus-hunting expedition, he found one of the successful hunters dropping off several hundred pounds of meat. He thanked him profusely. The man objected indignantly:

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brpol, covid-19 

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