@griffinkate Okay. Well, people collect many odd things for aesthetic or other purposes, so why not theatrical clothes. :)

@griffinkate So would you buy them for hypothetical theatrical use only, or for yourself to use in your everyday life?

I'm a bit of the latter type. Many of my clothes are selected just on the base of it that they'll stick out from the background and crowd. They're not of any particular style or even consistent or matching, they just look a bit queer for everyday use.

But I don't really have theatre in mind when I buy them.

A very aspie thing: Needing to be around people, but not interact with them. Just hanging out on video chat each playing a separate game or watching your own thing and just needing to know the other is there but not needing to talk to them

Fascists can have a little milkshake

The pain of discovering *another* modular smartphone company, then finding out that just like Fairphone, they only deliver within Europe



@socalledunitedstates Thanks for linking this. Looks definitely interesting!

It could be cool if people talked more about this. It seems to be a bit hard to find information about this phone, and especially on their OS. They seem to use Android-derived Shift-OS, but it would be nice to read about how much removed of Google it is.

Just so you know, there's once again room for new registrations on polyglot.city.

38 quickest will get their place on this low-drama instance. No bigotry allowed. Leaning left will definitely make your stay comfier here. And be sure to be interested in languages!

Apply today!

Finland’s government is now led by these five party leaders.

(from Tuomas Niskakangas at birdsite)

An example of a hyper-specific niche in a once widely popular platform: Loop cassettes

There are all kinds of convoluted internal pathways, but they do the same thing: Add length to seamlessly continuous playback

@byttyrs You're not alone in thinking like that. See for example goodreads.com/book/show/157952

This whole idea just sounds so extremely plausible that it's weird that it's not mainstream.

@cypnk My evening, you ask?

I took a selfie with a pineapple on a pedestal (see my previous toot) and ate a croissant sprinkled with real gold.

I was asked to read aloud a French poem although my French pronunciation is so-so, but apparently was best at the party.

At the way home our bus broke down just after two stops and we had to walk the rest.

So, yeah. I didn't eat a banana tonight tho.

@cypnk It could be called ”connoisseur web”, because only connoisseurs know how to use it.

pronouns, regex, cursed 

pronouns, regex, cursed 

If a goose wore socks would it wear them like this or like this

[bikenurse] office hours info! 

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