orchiectomy recovery, jab at American units 

@elilla a milk carton (1 litre) is a common reference standard of lifting abilities in finnish health contexts. although a gallon is four times that weight, i guess in murica everything's just bigger, even postop lifting abilities...

anyway, 1 litre carton makes sense, because it's neatly around 1 kg and a common household item that people are regularly lifting around. it just happens that milk is the most common product in that format here.

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We (@keyboardio) are thinking of making black XDA profile keycaps with Linear A legends. Would you want a set?

@Gemma I'm interested! I just started studying Finnish sign language, and while the language is different, the deaf studies part of it might have similarities.

Although I wouldn't expect too much on those similarities either, it's common that academics in Europe and the USA hold different theories, especially in a culture-related discipline like this. But then it would be interesting to read differing views.

Okayh, I feel like is not flexible enough to use in humanities — there just aren't enough customization and formatting options if you still want to use many of the automatic features (like references).

Prove me wrong, or else I'll get back to !

@snep large wire basket works well. I have a big basket on back and small in front, enough for three regular bags of groceries.

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Here's an idea: organize some gender reveal parties in Silicon Valley.

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TIL that there's a 19th century maintenance staging chamber in the Cologne sewers that's frequently used to host concerts because of its great acoustics

never mind the fact that it's just got a massive fuckin open sewer running along the side of it

violent far-right in finland 

@mpjgregoire that, plus using nazi symbolism and spreading nazi ideology openly, including hatred towards other minorities than immigrants too. (also note that anti-immigrantism isn't aimed against scandinavic, germanic or white angloamerican immigrants...)

plus a big dose of pan-nordic ideology (which is a weird component, as majority of finns are not actually scandinavic and hatred towards sweden and swedish is common)

violent far-right in finland 

@jonne oh damn, it was linked today by a very source-critical friend without any mention, of course i assumed it would be from today...

@parenthetical i agree in that language is not universal and it's instead an emergent feature of cognitive and functional processes. universalist and prescriptive claims have done a lot of harm to linguistics and to people's perceptions of what languages are.

so yeah, i guess we are in agreement, and i probably overreacted when i saw a far-flung argument. it sounded like you were writing off language as a constantly evolving system by saying that there can't be rules that the majority know

@parenthetical we agree on the first part, then. but it would be wrong to draw the conclusion that there wouldn't be *any* rules that the majority of language users (or, as you put it, ”the great unwashed masses”) are not aware of

rules used by linguistic minorities are rules, too

@parenthetical none of that, but quite a lot of ”there can never be rules of english usage that the great unwashed masses of english speakers are unaware of”

@parenthetical although that assumes that a language is a monolith which all the speakers use similarly

nothing is farther from truth with a world language like english

more accurate would be to say that there can never be a single rule of english that every speaker of english would be aware of

violent far-right in finland 

Helsinki police dept has just published stats for last year. There were 57 reported cases of ”violent extremist crimes”. Of those 56 were connected to far-right, 1 to far-left, and 0 were religiously motivated (definitions from the police).

So yes, I can clearly see how both extremes are represented here! (/sarcasm)


Anyone else using the app in self-hosted and having weird behaviour after latest update?

The file closes-but-doesn't-close, which is super annoying.

Is this just because I'm using the internal Community Server app as a back-end?

Anyway, this never happened before.

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Does anyone else get that shot of dopamine when someone boosts your toots? It is strangely nice 😂

@Tiro that's all right!

i just replicated the general meme format where changing the first letter of any word to M makes it a ”for men” version, this time also capitalizing on the masculine stereotype of eating as much meat as possible and no plant-based food

introducing MEGAN

it's meat version of vegan foods. so basically vegan for men

@jaranta Jos ajatellaan ihan järjellä, niin työntekijän yksityiselämän ja arjen helpottuminen on merkittävä stressiä ja uupumusta ehkäisevä tekijä, ja mitä vähemmän stressiä työntekijällä on, sitä paremmin hän viihtyy töissä ja sitä helpompi hänen on sitoutua työyhteisöön. Eli kyllä minä työnantajana näkisin tällaisen perustelun myönteisenä.

Mutta toisaalta minäpä en olekaan rekrytoija, enkä myöskään tiedä, miten yliopistomaailmassa suhtaudutaan inhimillisiin seikkoihin työsuhteen solmimisessa.

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