I saw the words ”crush posting” and immediately thought what would be

posh crusting

the writer of the biggest tv show ever made saying "themes are for eighth grade book reports" is the natural end result of the literalist approach to fiction which has grown in influence over the last two decades and is a direct result of the ever-increasing size of media conglomerates and the abandonment of humanities education


Hong Kong protestors are posting in phonetic Cantonese to stop machines and trolls from the mainland understanding and derailing the conversation, etc.


My constantly recurring travel dilemma 

My constantly recurring travel dilemma 

My constantly recurring travel dilemma 

Here's a special commission for a friend’s birthday, requested by their fiancée @averybee ♥ She wanted two tits (birds lol) with the well-known ancient Greek lesbian poem by Sappho, that is generally translated “may you lie on the breast of your tender woman companion" which is So Clever And Gay #crossstitch

you: but i need a car to participate in social activities like "bringing cupcakes to a party"
me: try #bikeing


Vila Eloise is a #queer house project located in a village in Galiza (northwest of Iberian peninsule).

We are just setting the house ready for visitors. Staying is free (some abilities trade is appreciated whenever possible) and we plan to offer a work space for artists, meetups and workshops.

Every queer person is welcome, we are a safe space for people of any gender id or orientation (including all non binary genders, a-spec, pan people...) and sex workers. See our site for more info on our philosophy and stances.

I'm toying with GarageBand. Please note that I know basically nothing about music nor can I play any instrument.

But here's my first toying, an old Finnish psalm from 17th century. Yes, there may be mistakes in this, but to my ear it sounds good enough.

So enjoy this little bit of Finnish self-loath, sadness and patheticism!

You may know @nextcloud offers a free open storage system, but did you know it also has its own app ecosystem?

There are lots of extra apps you can add to your Nextcloud:


(Includes collaborative document editing, music streaming, video calling, calendar syncing, note taking, XMPP chat and lots more)


@funnypanja @rgggn It is a problem for a non-native English reader (like me), at least.

Yes, I must at times use English material to learn other languages, because they're just so much abundant than Finnish material for the same languages.

And English pronunciation is not *that* regular that a non-native speaker could effortlessly decipher the sounds that they are after. Every now and then I find out that some word is pronounced in a completely different way than I've always thought.

@rgggn @jools That would probably be too much hassle for such a small thing. :)

@jools Thanks for your support!

It's very likely that polyglot.city could be classed as Light. And I appreciate your donation offer.

However, it's not that simple. I live in Finland, where it's illegal for me to receive donations without official permission. Many people do that off the radar, but if I state it anywhere publicly (like, here), some adversary could snitch me.

So putting up a working infrastructure to circumvent that problem is too much effort for me now, esp. just for 2€/mo.

@Alamantus Yeah, it would be nice if here was some thematic discussions going on. But I'm not the best person to get it going, either.

I've noticed that I'm more likely to participate in discussions that someone else has started, but it's not so easy for me to be the one to start a discussion.

It also looks like chat is a more natural platform for me to discuss things than this kind of social media platform.

So that's one of the things that probably won't change here any time soon. :)

@SeventhMagpie I've already done that once, and I can definitely do it again. But it didn't bring in any especially active new users, so as a repeated method it'll have a limited value.

Also, I haven't been the most active local community builder myself either, so I'm pretty confident at this point that we're not going to get a thriving community here. Which surely will to some extent be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But hey, this isn't my first community that didn't take off. I'm used to this.

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