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this has been consistent behaviour for the last 3.5 years i've been here, and at this point i guess it must be on purpose and is based on some eye tracking software goddammit

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why is it that when you're reading something on the federated timeline and by accident click on a toot that opens on the same column and you hastily return back to continue what you were reading, it's always *exactly just the one tweet you were reading that doesn't show up again on the federated timeline*?!?!

macos upgrade rant 

@mercurymusing I'm considering this method. Perhaps some other day when I'm not too stressed out

macos upgrade rant 

@mercurymusing That's one option, although I hate the idea of having to set up everything from scratch at this point.

macos upgrade rant 

@owl Yeah, I have other backups of some of my files already. But having to start customizing my system from scratch... bleh, I'd rather avoid it.

macos upgrade rant 

I really don't like the idea of ”clean install plus restore user files from time machine”, because at this point i'm about 1312% sure there would be problems with that too and I'd end up losing all my user files.

But it sounds like that's what I have to do if I ever want to upgrade my os again.

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macos upgrade rant 

Would be nice if I could upgrade my mac to new os.

I'm still using Mojave, because when Catalina showed up, I still needed some software that wouldn't have worked with Catalina, so I postponed upgrading.

When I finally was ready to upgrade, I got this annoying -69716 error. Fixing methods sounded too much effort for my nerves, so I thought that Big Sur is just around the corner, I could just wait and upgrade to it directly.

And you guessed it: -69716 error with Big Sur too..

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One day in the near future a self driving car will catch fire and then proceed to drive itself around town like an oriflamme for apocalypse on wheels.

@restioson comparable to ”is <british writer> a terf”

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ik moet nieuwe brillen aanschaffen. ik wil niet.

@djsundog heh, I'd still say ”I'm out of film” if my digital camera's memory would be full and I couldn't capture any more imagery

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@owl They have job adds for friends in Iceland? I'd believe that of Germany though.

@owl I've understood that it just means that although the word form is only either masculine or feminine, men and women alike can apply.

Which is pretty cumbersome, but hey, what would you expect with a cumbersome language.

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@owl @crowlad fun fact: we have all kinds of affective names for spaghetti in use in our home, most of them based on a pronunciation of a child learning to speak:

- fagetti
- faketti
- fakutti
- fagutski
- fagu
- faku


@chakuari Yeah, that's right, it's for Egyptian Arabic, I forgot to mention. LT's courses are purely for spoken language and references to written forms are kept in minimum, so with that approach it makes more sense to pick a colloquial spoken variant for the course.

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