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Hi everyone, today I'd like to write a short (lol) thread about a topic that comes up again and again in both leftist circles and discourse at large surrounding media. I don't have a definitive argument to put forward, but I hope to encourage discussion and to invite all of you to think critically and make steps towards a clearer understanding of what is often a rather hazy concept. I'll use CWs but be advised I'll be discussing upsetting things throughout.

So, without further ado: irony.

I just heard of nextcloud/social. Sounds amazing!

Also sounds like an app that could really bring the ”work accounts” and ”brands” to the fediverse (in quotes because the worst brand account offenders are not using nextcloud anyway).

Stephen King once wrote an erotic novel 

I made this silly fruit dragon in like 15 minutes be proud of me

So today I've seen pictures of nazi flags on the streets of Finland and a guillotine on the streets of France. And the night is young still...

Have you, by the way, ever stopped for a moment to think about that coercing people to add pronouns on their profile is just one way to exert Indo-European language imperialism over those who don't even have gendered pronouns in their own language?

Have you ever considered the possibility to getting completely rid of gendered pronouns in your imperialistic Indo-European language, so that no one would have the need to put their pronouns on any profile?

fellas, is it gay to centralize? You're just moving things physically towards the centre 😳

Good evening, I have some thoughts that are kind of meta to the fediverse and apply into society more broadly. One public toot, then I'll thread 🔓

So... I get torn between two principles & I think they're a reason why shared solutions like masto are so important.

Principle 1: own your shit / pay for the shit you use

Principle 2: there should be plenty of low-barrier & "free" spaces for people to congregate in some way.

This is tied to my being a librarian tbh.

boobs (with feminine presenting nipples) if you agree

Essentials of Linguistics, an Open Access intro linguistics textbook by @candersHamilton #linguistics

El socialismo
puede llegar sólo en bicicleta

Socialism may only arrive by bicycle

I've had this line stuck in my head since a professor referenced this work in an environmental studies class focused on climate refugees.

Been thinking about working on my Spanish just so I can make it through the source material

solar powered mastodon instance with the emergent behaviour that too much discourse drains the battery and logs everyone off

community: Is there a good way to gauge my foreign skills unofficially? Like if you had a recommended internet site or something. I was hoping to estimate my / for a C.V. even if I don't have certification.

Please boost!

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