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person-first language wrt neurodiversity and :autism: (2/2) 

Is er iemand hier wie Nederlandse Gebarentaal met mij wou leren? Ik woon in Finland en dus kan niet op irl-cursussen meedoen. Dus het zou prima zijn met videogesprekken mijne NGT-vaardigheid om te verbeteren.

[EN] Is there anyone here who would be interested in studying Dutch Sign Language with me? I live in Finland and thus can't participate in any irl courses in the NL. Thus it would be splendid if I could practice my skills with videochat.

Here's an interesting longread about an American hero of their days and their influence on the US bicycling culture.

Although the writer (Joe Biel) makes bold claims about Kittie Knox's worldwide legacy, as a European person I wouldn't swallow them without chewing.

Today I dressed up for the Finnish writers' winter get-together dinner.

An artsy hat is a must.

It's so quiet in the Fediverse today, I wonder what's going on...

Oh, just huge demonstrations in several European cities. That's where all of you are now.

Carry on.

hey so!!! are you asking a specific question online and not getting any help?

make a second account and answer your own question incorrectly

people will be piling on to correct you with specific explanations within an hour

it works literally every time ive been doing it for years

Any of my friends: hey do you want to do this normal social activity


In solidarity with Scholar Social, I'll be adopting a similar policy.

Notice: not observing April fools' day

This means that there will be not be any practical jokes coming on the part of the admin

I don't want my users to have to second-guess this account

It also means that expectations for:

* Maintaining a safe space,
* Descriptive and accurate content warnings,
* Respect for other users
* All other Community Standards

... will be enforced on April 1 just like any other day

Constructing houses from tree is considered a good way to store carbon for long term. I've been thinking about in what extent the same arguments hold for books.

How much carbon does one book hold up, and how big percentage of the original tree ends up in paper? How long on average are books stored before they're discarded (and either burned or left to rotten in landfill)?

So in sum: are paper books more like storage than consumption?

I can't even... the cat made a little blanket fort and only her ears stick out!

Velocipedists of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your balance!

And on that note, I share with all my favorite velocipede song: The Great Velocipede Migration, by S. J. Tucker, from an album based on Cat Valente's books set in fairyland.

All computer-aided translation programs are worse than all other computer-aided translation programs, but it takes talent to come up with one that is as awful as Across.

Thanks to reader @attac_hl for pointing out the customisable route planning site OpenRouteService:

It uses OpenStreetMap data, but offers more options for routing and vehicles.

#Maps #OpenStreetMap #Alternatives

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