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#Languagetransfer is creating free language courses.

This is an unofficial account (with the consent of the creator.)

The best way to experience the methodology is to tune into one of the existing courses: (just listen to the first 4 tracks of any course and enjoy!)



#Ingles (para hisbanoablantes)

Have fun!

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The clinical folks have the best bike team names. "Auto Immunity" is good but "Failure to Drive" is even better.

Oh cool! A Swedish travel agency is opening a European-wide train booking site in August. Then you could book a whole train trip spanning several countries in just one place online. :)

I'm not here to protest, just to look that no one sneaks to the backstage during this bicycling event.

the problem with autonomous cars is that they ARE cars. they're still car shaped, car lookin', car smelling pieces of shit. i dont care if a robot drives it or a human, they're both antisocial.
fund public transit with focus on making sure people with disabilities have good access and let humans drive the busses and trucks.
don't need a bunch of techbros coding this useless garbage. contribute to society by driving a bus instead :bancars:

Hum I was browsing the timeline to find a link to... something?... that I just saw half an hour ago. But now I can't even remember what I was looking for, because I got distracted by @garfiald 's posting.

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Osoitteessa löytyy nyt toimiva Pixelfed-instanssi. Kirjautumiset ovat auki, ainakin toistaiseksi.

Käyttöehdot ja serverin tiedot täytyy vielä päivittää - ne ovat yhä kopio pixelfed.socialin omista. Mutta jos on kiire luomaan tili, se onnistuu nyt.

Minä olen tuon instanssin moderaattori ja teknisestä ylläpidosta vastaa virolainen Spacebear.

you've heard of train communists,

now get ready for bicycle anarchists.

I have working knowledge of lots of languages and I prefer polish. Cute language. Lots of stuff going on. Gay stuff. Lots of letters rubbing up against each other making westerners all grossed out. Like hey prz wow I've never seen that before huh

Thanks OVH for migrating my email server and in the course of it getting rid of junk and trash folders and just dumping their contents back into my inbox. >.<

LEGO is releasing bricks to help children with visual impairments learn how to read:

"Braille Bricks look just like the LEGO we know and love. What sets them apart, however, is not how they look, but how they feel. Each brick in the 250-piece set features fully-functional studs that form a letter, number, or math symbol in Braille."

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