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I look fine, I guess.

This is a nice dress. I bought it from Indiska in, um, 2013 or 2014, when they still occasionally had wearable clothes on sale.

here's a venn diagram of the streets in the city and the streets in the city that i think should be free from personal motor vehicles: 🔴

Muistakaa! Retkikunnan lokikirjan tuore numero on saatavana tänä viikonloppuna Finnconissa!

Meillä ei ole myyntipöytää, joten kysäise zineä hyvinvarustetuilta retkikuntalaisilta. Vain 2,50 €!

You old farts remember the ”best viewed with <browser>” pics and gifs from the 90s?

Could we start using, in a similar vein, a slogan ”worst viewed with Google Chrome” (and make sure it really is worst viewed with Chrome)?

I would interpret *that* translation as either:

1. A man who allows other people to sleep with his wife, that man and those people should die (I'd guess for using his wife for his own gain)

2. Or (less likely) A man who lets another man sleep in his wife's bed while that other man is staying with them (lodging) should be put to death (for leaving his wife without a place to sleep)

So "don't force your wife be a prostitute", not "don't be gay"


Come on, go ... #Diffu needs you to exist!
If you think that federated article publishing platforms open to Mastodon, Pleroma or other account holders would be a good idea, it's time to contribute!

It's happening there:

And we retoot !

If 20% of a group are harassers (evenly across genders), & the group has more men than women… then each woman gets 16x more bad experiences than each man.

The Petrie Multiplier: in a group where x% are bullies/harassers, the minority will feel it (x/100)^2 more.

This blog post has stuck with me through the years. I like the maths in it, & I like the conclusion that attacking sexism/racism etc doesn't have to be an attack on the majority.


Now that everyone is excited to learn in , please remember that there's this excellent free audio course of Egyptian Arabic by @languagetransfer

Although it doesn't teach you writing, I so much prefer the approach of Language Transfer over Duolingo. Give it a try!

Retkikunnan lokikirjan tuore numero ilmestyy viikonloppuna Finnconissa!

Tule hakemaan omasi hyvinvarustetulta retkikuntalaiselta (2,50 €), tai lataa digitaalinen zine ilmaiseksi (latauslinkki julkaistaan viikonloppuna).

Zineä julkaisee Tyhjän arkin retkikunta.

breaking bad, who wants that? me, i'm 

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