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Key development in HK- hundreds, denouncing the HK Gov, declared establishing a provisional govt in a shopping mall in Ma On Shan.

All official positions vacated, election to be held in 1yr. Legco dissolved and election to be held in 3 months.



The Global War on Books

Governments are spending a remarkable amount of resources attacking books — because their supposed limitations are beginning to look like ageless strengths

#Books #Censorship #Fahrenheit451

us politics, harrowing, bad, facebook, social media, it's no longer just "the algorithm" 

The Kickstarter project for Dragon Bike anthology is now live!

Pledge your monies to get your own copy with my story (and many more). Please pledge the ”Tip your Author” level or more to make me extra happy. 😊

And as you've probably heard already, the unionizing workers have said that it's not necessary to boycott, but you could show your support to them in other ways. So go ahead and fund the project!

We have now a PeerTube account, maintained by @bjoern. For now we will concentrate on conference videos. #PeerTube #Nextcloud

Corporations Hate This One Weird Trick 

Albania, Algeria, Catalunya, Egypt, France, Gaza, Greece, Haiti, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Montenegro, Nicaragua, Philippines, Romania, Serbia, Sudan, Togo, UK, US, Venezuela and West Papua are all in a state of popular unrest of varying degrees of intensity. This not accounting for the protest movements I'm unaware of.

Something's definitely going on right now...

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hello. this is the official fediverse instance and account of!

tory austerity has killed more people in 10 years than ebola has since it was first identified in 1976

the tories have killed more people with austerity in 10 years than Chernobyl has killed in 32 years, even if you for the highest estimate of the latter

By request, the morning duck parade set to the Imperial March. ° 🦆

Firefox (Version 69+) und Safari blocken Third-Party-Cookies und sorgen damit offenbar um einen Umsatzrückgang von 15% bei der Werbebranche. Reaktion darauf: "Einige Vertreter der Werbebranche sprechen den Browser-Herstellern die Legitimität ab, in ihr Geschäft eingreifen. Stefan Mölling von der Axel Springer-Tochter Media Impact etwa erklärte: „Die Mozillas dieser Welt bevormunden sowohl die Nutzer als auch die Gesetzgeber.“"

Hört! Hört! *EpicFacepalm*

Action is a habit. Protests and strikes are a skill to practice and a muscle to exercise. When people are in the habit of taking to the streets, it's easier to build movements with real momentum and resilience.

Protests don't necessarily accomplish anything in their own right, just like going to the gym isn't the same thing as running a marathon. But people don't just spontaneously run marathons either, particularly if they're not in the habit of exercising.

Hahaa, this sounds like straight outta @vfrmedia's field!

Cheap Finnish covers from 80s gas station C-cassettes. :D

(the music starts after 3:30 minutes)

The two hardest problems I know of are going to bed and getting out of bed.

Uuden velopunk-romaanini Myöhempien aikojen liiketoimintamahdollisuuksia tekijänkappaleiden unboksausvideo, feat. Säde-kissa ja tarkoituksellisen pahanmakuinen pizza.

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