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Toinen tänä vuonna suorittamistani kirjahaasteista oli lukea kaikki omassa hyllyssä lojuvat tiiliskivet eli yli 700-sivuiset kaunokirjalliset proosat.

Tiivistin tämän parinkymmenen tuhannen sivun lukukokemuksen blogaukseen.

This is my brother in law. And this is my brother in economics.

I hate my brothers.

Not a completely bad book, this one.

First, president Allende phones one of the characters at 3am and personally invites them to the palace.

And then this (not said by Allende tho):

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"we won't return to normality because normality was the problem"

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Seriously folks read "In Other Words". It's a love letter to language learning.

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This summer,

Brad Pitt as Ronald Reagan

Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher.


Can you deregulate a heart?

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Building an Open Hardware eBook Reader

On the whole, hackers aren’t overly fond of other people telling them what they can and cannot do with the hardware or software they’ve purchased. Unfortunately, it’s becoming more and more difficult to avoid DRM a…

Original tweet :

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Acaba d'arribar la comitiva judicial al c/ Sant Crispí 1. Aquí estem amb companyes de i veïnes de #LaTaxo i #CanBaró. Aquest desnonament, també l'aturarem!



Less than 48 hours to go! Consider supporting this Dragon Bike anthology in , and you'll also support my American debut!

(Yes, less than 48 hours until I stop spamming this campaign.)

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Three days to go!!! If you love bikes and/or dragons, please consider supporting our Dragon Bike anthology in Kickstarter.

There'll be a bunch of rad feminist scifi and fantasy stories, including my velopunk story set in 19th century Bataraman.

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