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Meanwhile, in a alternate universe:

Flight attendant: Is there a writer on this flight?

Dad: *nudging me* that should've been you

Me: Not now, Dad

Dad: Not asking for a doctor, are they?

Me: There is a literary emergency happening!

Dad: Go and see if your "medicine" helps.


Instance Rejection

We have become aware of an instance called “”. This instance is run in a similar fashion to another blocked instance, “”. This instance is run by TRANS EXCLUSIONARY RADICAL FEMINISTS. The instance explicitly regards transgender men as women, and transgender women as men, per policy.

Per Wolf Howl’s Prohibited Content Policy:

Content which aims to discriminate, incite harassment against, or upset people based on their: race, nationality, sex, sexuality, gender identity, gender expression, disabilities, genetics, or other factors that they cannot control., as a matter of policy and administration, refuses to abide by our policies and will be defederated immediately. Thank you for understanding! Stay safe wolf pack! Awoo~

My two favourite things in life are libraries and bicycles. They both move people forward without wasting anything.

you can use my public gateway to share websites and files over the Dat network:

for example, here's some cows:

if you don't know about dat, it's a p2p protocol. think mutable torrents. learn more here:

Has anyone here used the Taimi app?

If so, what it's like? Would you say it could be useful to find 'mere' friends, or is the general assumption there that everyone's looking for a date?

(And before you ask, it's some kind of corporate social media/dating site for lgbtetc folks. I've just heard of it elsewhere.)

literature, shitpost 

Hi and good morning! I would like to write an update on my (German) articles about joining #mastodon, and I admit I'm not up to date about the cool and quirky instances that do fun stuff, like that deletes toots based on the moon phase. Can you please help? Thank you for answers and boosts! 💖

does anyone know any german speaking LGBTQIA+ mastodon instances or users? i need to improve my gender neutral speech skills.

boosting would be appreciated :))

@LouInABox @deidara @tom

Trans question 

im exposing y'all to maltese 

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