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Philly bicyclists go to great lengths to induce drivers to give them a safe buffer distance.

like idk what to say but Arabic is literally divine and revelatory

bilingual pride facts 

the Arabic names for the different components of LGBT all start with the letter م meem, the M sound.

lesbian = مثليات mithlayat
gay = مثليون mithlyeen
bisexual = مزدوجي الميول muzdawjay al-muyul
transgender = متحولون/ متحولات الجنس mutahawaleen / mutahawilat al-jins

so the acronym would actually just be مممم MMMM lol. instead, it's the meme society, which is, I think, extremely very good.

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bilingual pride facts 

because acronyms are basically impossible in Arabic I was curious what the accepted equivalent of LGBT was. I grew up a clueless straight boy so I didn't know offhand.

turns out it's مجتمع الميم mujtamaa al-meem, literally "meme community" or "meme society"

happy pride everyone

a few years ago there was a finnish site that contained lots of information about how to travel from finland to various european countries by train

i just checked if there's anything new on that site. well, the domain's been sold to a travel agency and converted to a ticket vending page, and they're advertising flights there now

quite appalling

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oh, how nice it would be to be interrailing now

well, perhaps next year...

alternate universe where romance languages used "silex" instead of "calx" to refer to the little stones you use to count, replacing the incorrect phrase "computer calculation" with the correct phrase "computer silication"

it's only calculation when your computer is made of limestone. otherwise it's just sparkling reckoning.


Ça c'est rien. American cyclist in the United States with a Coca-Cola (and Mentos) powered bicycle. Gagné!


Just saw a guy turn to catcall a girl and the second his eyes were off his pasty a seagull swooped by and took it 😌

new apple service for reviewing products and services online 


"The role of fathers in children's early development is treated on page 103"

This is a perfect summary of all you need to know about books on parenting.

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