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one of the most important things I've learned as a queer adult is how to be frustrated with people without it meaning I hate or dislike them. Everyone I know does little shit that bothers me, or sometimes acts awful due to trauma/coping mechanisms/etc, learning how to be genuinely annoyed or frustrated or hurt without turning it into "and thus I condemn and judge you", rather just sometimes being annoyed and then moving on cause ya love people and we're all growing, is good

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They also noted that part of this craze around the development of high-tech prosthetics stems from the savior complex, the idea that disabled people need to be fixed. But changing the world to remove the disabling obstacles works better than all of these high-tech items, they said.


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This is such a breach of bodily autonomy because the prosthetic is supposed to become a part of your body, but instead it has DRM so it at least partially belongs to the company that produced it. She literally didn't fully own her arm.


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Want to briefly mention one point that was brought up towards the end of the first half of the podcast. So the woman that was interviewed about her hi tech prosthetic arm tow lots of the arm that she had bought for $70,000 had DRM so if she needed to change the movements the set of moments that was available to her she had to go visit the doctor and she couldn't do it herself.


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check it out, the original theory of surveillance capitalism, by jb foster & co at the monthly review, in 2014, not by some harvard business school prof,

ha, i forgot what the original looked like.

the test is apparently called Wartegg test, and the hammer & sickle template is lower left (*badum-tsih*) on this image.

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Okay, let's settle this out:

fun fact: in finland when you want to get trans treatment, you have to do silly psychological tasks for the gatekeepers. one of the tasks is that they give you a sheet full of squares that have some random lines, and you're asked to ”complete the pictures”.

there's one square that has like two lines like this, and the instant i saw this i drew a hammer and sickle there.

(no image description; btw i don't know how blind people can pass the gatekeepers when there are so many visual tasks...)

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lewd tech 

I just saw a site called phandroid, which of course parsed as Phil Android in my mind, because that's what you get when you've read Phil Andros' books.

tanks in competitive sports 

Talking about tankies, last night I heard that there's a sports called tank biathlon, where you drive around and shoot with a tank. Apparently Russians dominate the sport, which somehow doesn't surprise me.

small insect/arachnid? mention 

Using tiny bugs to eat even tinier pesty bugs from houseplants is good, don't get me wrong, but I don't want them raining on my face all night. They tickle and make sleeping so hard.

So, a bit sleep deprived day today.

Native Voices Endowment (NVE) Call for Proposals

The 2021 NVE Call for Proposals is open, and will close on October 1, 2021.

You can view the Request guidelines & instructions here. Important Note: NVE Proposals are now submitted through our online submissions portal. Emailed proposals are no longer accepted. Please visit the guidelines page for more information.

ELF provides grants for eligible tribes and languages through the Native Voices Endowment: A Lewis & Clark Expedition Bicentennial Legacy. These funds come from the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Council, which received the revenues from the U.S. Mint's sale of the Lewis and Clark 2004 Commemorative Coin. Grants through this program are available to members of the Native American tribes that came in contact with the Lewis and Clark Expedition between 1803-1806.

Grants are available for work on documentation and revitalization of the languages of these tribes (see below for list of eligible tribes and languages). Applicants (Principal Investigators) must be enrolled tribal members or employees of tribal colleges. Scholarships for academic work in linguistics or a Native language, or for Master/Apprentice programs are also available for tribal members.

For more details, visit:

#Language #Linguistics

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