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Oh, and one more thing about standardized languages.

For people who might communicate differently (eg. autists), using standardized language may be very liberating and enabling, because it lets you be in control.

And for non-native people, using standardized language may be what they know best, because that's probably the variant they have been taught at school.

So if you sneer at standardized languages, be sure you're not sneering at non-native people or disabled people.


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This is one thing to keep in mind when talking about (and usually against) language standardization: in some cases standardization can benefit speakers, especially minority language speakers, and disregarding standardization may wipe out hard-earned rights of certain minorities and introduce new linguistic and cultural dominance.

But of course, when done right, fluidity with semiotic resources and between languages and variants is very liberating and enabling.


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It's very pop nowadays to talk about translanguaging or mixing several languages and semiotic resources freely without clear boundaries between different languages and variants. And this is generally great!

But as this article describes, there are pitfalls for minority language speakers, in this case deaf signers, in that fluid mixing of languages can erode the linguistic rights of minorities, especially if translanguaging is done prescriptively.


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The Finnish "Santa Claus" or Joulupukki is the real deal.

Image text:
Header: Our festive traditions - Stories about Joulupukki

Left image: Joulupukki guarding the pile of children's skulls that he took as hunting trophies. According to some sources, the pile grew up to form the Korvatunturi mountain.

Right image: The old time Joulupukki did not spare the rod.

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Please select:

🇺🇸 Racism (simplified)
🇪🇺 Racism (traditional)

DPRK: our leader kim il sung was born on mount paekto and directly descends from god
americans: haha so stupid
america: there was nobody in america before the settlers arrived and they bulit the best nation in the world
americans: so true !!

type of writer who lists nanowrimo wins as their literary awards

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@schratze @LearnTribe bonus points if the sequel wasn't by JKR, but rather by a trans anarchist who made the sequel without caring about copyright or anything whatsoever

To all my queer folx out there:
People are going to stare anyway, you might as well give them a reason 💫

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JK ”Just Kidding” Rowling, the inventor of Hewlett Packard sauce, UK's most beloved condiment

All these technology "zines" that people are selling for money. How about you give them away so your info is ACTUALLY accessible. I dont give a shit about your zine if the only way for someone to read it is to buy it online. I hope someone reuploads your shit for free. Hell it might even be me.

@viv When you run your own servers, but don't bother to keep them up to date? Self-Ghosting

Burnout from running your own servers is exhosting.


i don't know what an ime is and at this point i'm too afraid to ask

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