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/g/ is a pretty recent loan sound in finnish, and Q, which is only used very rarely and only in loan words, is ”properly” realized as /k/, while there is already K to represent that sound, so no wonder G and Q are often confused.

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I don't know how much this is affected by the phenomenon where Finnish people generally treat Q as G, especially in speech but often also in writing.

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I just misread ”Johnson biedt Queen excuses aan” as ”Johnson biedt geen excuses aan” :D

translating from dutch 

The writer has used verses from several different Bible translations in this novel. Now I wonder what deeper meaning these choices have, and how should I match them to different Finnish Bible translations to convey the same cultural nuances.


antisemism is when you hate things that are only half of what they could be

@uniporn I'm looking forward to the year 2032. Finally, 61% of all dates will be unambiguous.

PSA in case you're writing technical documentation that touches on dates: When giving example dates it helps a *lot* when you make the a day after the 12th of the month. It really clarifies what is day and what is month on the very first glance.

long covid, politics 

long covid is like a lottery and your government keeps buying tickets for you.

¨Solving the problems caused by technology with technology, is
that the circular economy?¨

Wow, this text made my day! Thank you @l03s 💚

Your fantasy name is the last improbable word you tried in #Wordle

reply guy paramedic

he shows up, explains what calling 911 is, makes you justify needing an ambulance, and then tells you to google first aid and drives away without you

Did you know US had oil companies in Kazakhstan, and was one of if not the major backers of the fascism there?

*Really* deep evolutionary tree (all the way back to bacteria and archaea) underlying the ability to navigate using earth's magnetic research!

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