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gaming capybara

finally something gaming related that actually looks cute!

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apparently polycule-de-sac is some cute marine animal

did you like Jorts the cat?

now did you know that there's also a homeless cat with the name Jortsu that is currently looking home in finland?

Algorithmic power and African indigenous languages: search engine autocomplete and the global multilingual Internet

ai art 

ooh I got invited to the midjourney beta!! time to make trash

chigüire + cinghiale = chigüiale o ciguiale

oh, to become a cinghiale and plunder the streets of roma together with my dear friend cazzopollo

It is understandable why people are drawn to this distinction given the attacks on the validity of soc-sci work, but it is ultimately lending credibility to those attacks' earlier axioms to adopt this nonsensical rhetoric of distinction, giving them the opportunity to push further, and not only that but it is fundamentally detrimental to the power of analyses we present.

We are not doing the "science" we pretend to do, and that's actually a good thing.

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Social sciences and humanities are whole that can't be excised from one another in any clean way. It is a name for the two halves of a unity.

The more I think about this and the more I interrogate the biases that I have so far operated with, thr more I realise that the function of this division is but to separate qualitative, critical analysis from quantitative work, and to delegitimate the former.

I think it's our duty to release crappy open source code to delay AIs replacing programmers

#copilot #GitHubCopilot #opensource

Una mattina, al risveglio da sogni inquieti, Vladimir Vladimirovic Putin si trovò trasformato in un enorme cinghiale

you need to understand finnish to get this 

😫✋ utility kilt
😏👉 utility tuhm

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