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the biggest achievement of the rich is to have tricked people into believing that some rich fucks are better than the rest

was sharing cat pics a while back and i accidentally made a political compass

the Hans from Stuttgart to Trans from Stuttgart pipeline

Fuck cars material right here 

This is some real WTF.

Imagine checking an app to see if it was ok to cross the road and find, nope because a Ford has decided it needs priority.

This would totally be abused by Ford Motor Company too, you just know it.

A Petri dish where bacteria strains compete 🧫 

E. coliseum

The problem with capitalism is that eventually you run out of other people's resources

cursed idea 

making an out-of-office fedi bot that replies automatically to every toot that lands on my home timeline, regardless of their visibility setting

I suggest this work sharing:
stressed-out middle class people who have time and need projects to do, do shit that workers & poor people need in their lives but don't have time to fix?

nothing reminds me of how much i tend to stay at home than going for a bike ride to a neighborhood 2 km from me and finding out that the whole area is suddenly full of new constructions or construction sites.

i mean, i probably haven't been around there since 2019...

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