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anyway i find it funny how they have a wide array of finnish swear words in disco elysium

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if disco is so good, why isn't there trisco?

the author of this book suggests me to take so many grains of salt that i'm about to get salt poisoning

gender anaphoria aka ”my pronouns are...”

in bri'ain they wish each other ”good mourning”

famous funerals 

if you have a funeral hangover and want something to smooth your mood, try the funeral of a finnish artist

i just heard a moderately loud bang somewhere in the house, and now i'm here wondering what it was.

it wasn't caused by any of the cats, they were all visible. it might have been a bird that collided with a window, although i didn't see any ailing birds on the ground.

so perhaps it was something in the structures of the house? :mild_panic: though nothing seems to be broken or leaking or anything, so perhaps just casual thermal expansion, i hope.

you'd imagine men's rights activists would be pretty interested in organising against gendered injustice against men like shoving amab ppl into the military for months or years on end but no, they can't find the time from misogyny and creepy bullshit

We as a society need to stop treating "I don't want to" and "No, thank you" as synonyms for "Convince me".

(Unrelated to anything posted here, I've just been thinking about it all day.)

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