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My wife @fairlady and I are in a difficult financial spot right now. Penny just lost her job and besides the shitty hours I've been getting at work, my union is probably gonna strike soon because the company gave us an awful contract offer and isn't budging an inch. I'm already having trouble figuring out how to make the numbers work for upcoming bills so anything helps, honestly. (Boosts also appreciated!)

Cash App:$fairladygearhead
Venmo: @fairladygearhead

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Another #fediboost, this time for

It's a Mastodon instance run by @amolith who also provides a bunch of other services for people to use over at He's a genuinely great guy and runs a good instance. :blobcatthumbsup:
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Languages, linguistics, undescribed images 

Historical linguists: These languages are related, they form a language family. And these families form a superfamily. We can trace our language through our ancestors to the very first speaking Man and reconstrue his language and thus our cultural legacy.

Sign language linguists: You know, when enough people without primary language gather in the same place, they just spontanely form a new language out of thin air.

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Hi pals!

I'm Cinnamon. You may have seen me around Scuttlebutt for the last couple of years, mostly thinking about usability and harassment prevention.

My current project is Earthstar, which is similar to Scuttlebutt but designed for usability from the beginning.

Also: procedural art, music, drawing, photography.


It's scary how much corporations put into structuring our experiences with their products, and our lives, by extension. Everything from the sound a soda can makes when it's opened, to the design of a website.

Imagine if someday we could "hack" people kind of like computers. Give right inputs and people do your bidding. Something like playing a sound, or looking at a picture could make you a slave and you couldn't do anything to protect yourself. There is no patching humans That's scary.

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I'm collaborating with @adama to try to start a computer consultancy/tech support service.

You can pay us to:
- Fix your computer and improve performance/security
- Build a website (frontend + backend)
- Write any kind of software (low-level or high-level)
- Help you with Linux server administration (security, DevOps, performance etc.)

We'll work for free if you're a nonprofit or activist etc.

Fill in the contact form on our website if you're interested.

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"No one is forced to use Facebook" 

I hear that often, but I know of many people who had to create accounts and start to use Facebook for things like classes, community participation, and family communication. It's assumed you have it, and we don't make affordances for those who don't.

Perhaps we're not forced with violence or laws, but we are strongly coercing each other to use it. I never created an account for various reasons, and I have lost touch with people as a result.

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If I want to do business with you and send you a security questionnaire with things like "do you encrypt data at rest", and you reply that the answers to those questions are confidential, I'm going to assume the answer to everything is "no".

The other day I passed by these people who were speaking Japanese. I wanted to join their conversation and practice but was too scared of embarrassment. I don't know why, I was never going to see them again. Even if I messed up there wouldn't have been any consequences. And if I did do well that would've been very cool and satisfying.

Why are we often scared to do things when there are no consequences for failing and the reward for success so high?

Does anyone else get that shot of dopamine when someone boosts your toots? It is strangely nice 😂

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So yeah, I definitely didn't make a plague doctor mask...

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@janUnise @sato1108ss @Stoori Thank you for your input! I think I will try my hand with one account.

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While I'm at it, what is the best app for mastodon on desktop and mobile?

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I am new to mastodon. Should I have different accounts for different topic I want to talk about. Or should I spam this server with everything?

Sorry for just leaving my list of hobbies like that. I ran out of characters😅 I'm sure happy this isn't Twitter, that would've been even more annoying

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Hello! I am new here and excited to learn more about Mastodon.
I am currently learning 2 languages:

学校 で日本語を勉強をします。3年前に日本語のじゅうきょうを始まりました。私の日本語はとても不味いですねえ。
E tambem estou aprender portugues. Porque quando ser um rapaz aprendei um pouco de portuguese, mas noa muinto. Agora quero apprender.

If I make mistakes, feel free to correct me, I need the help. Please don't let me live in ignorance.

As well as finding languages fascinating. I enjoy programming, reading, sports, and the like

Polyglot City

Polyglot City is the right instance for you, if you're interested in languages, language learning and translating, or if you are multilingual or polyglot. All languages are allowed to flourish on our timelines. Welcome!