Hello! I am new here and excited to learn more about Mastodon.
I am currently learning 2 languages:

学校 で日本語を勉強をします。3年前に日本語のじゅうきょうを始まりました。私の日本語はとても不味いですねえ。
E tambem estou aprender portugues. Porque quando ser um rapaz aprendei um pouco de portuguese, mas noa muinto. Agora quero apprender.

If I make mistakes, feel free to correct me, I need the help. Please don't let me live in ignorance.

As well as finding languages fascinating. I enjoy programming, reading, sports, and the like

Sorry for just leaving my list of hobbies like that. I ran out of characters😅 I'm sure happy this isn't Twitter, that would've been even more annoying

@adama Welcome to Polyglot City. I can help you learn Japanese.👍

@sato1108ss ばらしい!どうもありがとう。Thank you, help is much appreciated!

@adama 僕も読むのが好きですよ。日本語の小説を読むために日本語を勉強しています

@Asethb すごい! どれ本が好きですか?I'd love recommendations recommendations for practice.

@adama I’m still at too low of a level to really enjoy novels yet, but I’ve been reading Read Real Japanese Stories by Michael Emmerich and it’s really fantastic in how he explains all the grammar in each story in depth. It’s a great intermediate resource, I think. I’m hoping to be able to read some books from Hiromi Kawakami and Haruki Murakami that I’ve bought. I’ve heard that they’re both relatively easy to read authors. I’m using Tobira, Gateway to Advanced Japanese as my textbook. It’s good

@Asethb Thank you! I'll look into those. They sound like good sources to practice, without drowning in confusion.

@adama as you requested:

"Eu também estou aprendendo português. Por que quando era um garoto, aprendi um pouco de português, mas não muito. Agora quero aprender."

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