Hello! I am new here and excited to learn more about Mastodon.
I am currently learning 2 languages:

学校 で日本語を勉強をします。3年前に日本語のじゅうきょうを始まりました。私の日本語はとても不味いですねえ。
E tambem estou aprender portugues. Porque quando ser um rapaz aprendei um pouco de portuguese, mas noa muinto. Agora quero apprender.

If I make mistakes, feel free to correct me, I need the help. Please don't let me live in ignorance.

As well as finding languages fascinating. I enjoy programming, reading, sports, and the like


Sorry for just leaving my list of hobbies like that. I ran out of characters😅 I'm sure happy this isn't Twitter, that would've been even more annoying

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