I am new to mastodon. Should I have different accounts for different topic I want to talk about. Or should I spam this server with everything?

While I'm at it, what is the best app for mastodon on desktop and mobile?

@janUnise @sato1108ss @Stoori Thank you for your input! I think I will try my hand with one account.

@adama Web browser on desktop IMO, Tusky on Android is pretty good. :)

@adama I don't think any one would mind either way! So it depends on what you find better for you. You could try and make an account in another instance to see if you like it.

@adama I have 2 other accounts for my Japanese and English.

@adama do as you like. You can talk about anything on this instance, in any language, as far as it isn't any form of discrimination or fascism or endorsing thereof.

@adama It really depends. Everyone does it differently. How much do you have your interests firewalled?

@drwho Not all that often, I don't talk about very controversial stuff.

@adama Then you probably don't need aspect accounts for everything. Spam away.

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