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Me llamo Ady, soy marroquí, vivo en Francia, y estoy estudiando español solo.

Empecé estudiar español al colegio, cuando tenía 12 años. No quería aprender español sino aprender alemán pero no podía elegir.

Hoy he cambiado de opiníon. Quiero hablar español porque es una herencia de la colonización del Norte de Marruecos. Este idioma me pertenece a mí también.

Hablo árabe marroquí, francés, inglés, y quiero aprender turco. Me aficionan los coches y los trenes.

¡Buenos días! :D

breaux... breaux we're becomingue French breaux...

Il faut voir ce pouet comme une sorte de carte postale. Doux baisers de Strasbourg. :smol_purple_heart:

I am using a piece of software that had its interface translated into Italian. Among the printing settings, I see two options (“strano” and “persino”) that translate back to English as “weird” and “surprisingly”. It took me a while to understand that it means “odd” and “even” pages

Random #Malagasy_Language lesson: the many names of Antananarivo.

Antananarivo (“City of the Thousand”).

Tananarive — French name, and a close approximation of the Malagasy pronunciation.

Antan’narivo (“Land of the thousand”) — a common Malagasy mispronunciation.

Analamanga (“Blue Forest”) — the hill on which the city was founded. Nickname used in literary/poetic contexts.

Iarivo (“Thousand”) — Literary/poetic nickname.

Tana — common French nickname that has also been adopted in Malagasy.

New free stylized typeface by Walid Bouchouchi at Velvetype for Tifinagh script used to write Tamazight, Berber people’s language, mainly spoken in north Africa

#np #tootradio

In a (now deleted) previous toot, I shared the music video of this song, which I don't like. Now that I found the official audio on YouTube (with a way better sound quality), I'm sharing this banger a second time. :blobrainbow:

Ramy Sabri, “Kelma”

#np #tootradio

Best song to start the year. 👍

Amine Amirouche, “A ul-iw tenɣid iyi”


A single mom is living in her car with two daughters, someone smashed one of the windows. Please send her anything you can, it’s cold!


One of my favourite Arabic fonts is called Aref Ruqaa. It was designed by Egyptian type designers Abdullah Aref and Khaled Hosny. They also made it available for free on Google Fonts. 👍

Sadly, it does not have all the letters and symbols I'd use, such as the letter ڭ that we use frequently in Morocco to represent a hard G sound.

Today in bilingual fun, a tropical cyclone formed west of Indonesia on 2021-11-30, weakened, and dissipated within less than a day. Indonesia was in charge of naming it, so they went for the Indonesian word for a water lily: Teratai.

Cue immature snickering from the opposite side of the Indian Ocean, where the #Malagasy_Language has the adjective “tera-tay” which translates roughly to “[someone] who literally shat their pants [out of fear]”.

A very interesting (and short) Twitter thread about our bias against foreign accents and the importance of diversity:

I recently discovered the concept of Language Exchange pen pals over in the cursed link aggregator. It's pen pals who help each other practice a language the other person knows well.

Who would be up for something like that over here? I could offer Spanish (native) or toki pona or Latin, and would be asking for Latin or toki pona or English.

It could be via email, Telegram or DM or whatever you propose, even a Jitsi call for mutuals and friends. #LanguageExchange #PenPals


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