Meaning:A white person,Caucasian

🇳🇬 Today's
will be a little different. It will be a 2 for 1 with some grammar!
Meaning: where
Example sentences:
Omi da
Níbo ni omi wa
Meaning: Where is the water?

Meaning: Thank you
pronounced like eshe

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🇬🇧 Skull 💀
🇫🇷 La tête de mort
🇩🇪 der Totenkopf
🇫🇮 Pääkallo
🇷🇺 Череп
🇯🇵 髑髏(どくろ)

Word of the Day:sokoto
Pronounced like shokoto

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🇬🇧 one
🇫🇷 un
🇫🇮 yksi
🇷🇺 один
🇯🇵 いち
🇰🇷 일
🇮🇳 एक
🇮🇱 אחד

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Word of the Day: Tuwo Shinkafa A starch made with rice that is eaten with a stew

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