non-scientific survey, boosts appreciated

Norwegian speakers, what language do you post in?

@almaember my written norwegian is quite bokmål-ish.

sometimes with dialect -trends

Why would I be consistent 😅 Nynorsk and dialect

@almaember it's all bokmål, except for a very rare nynorsk post once in a while

@opfez Interesting how most people seem to prefer bokmål, since I thought nynorsk was closer to actual speech, or so I've heard.

@almaember that's certainly true for the western regions, which is why most nynorsk-writers are from those areas. For easterners and southerners, for instance, bokmål is closer.

@opfez Interesting, I thought that since it was from Danish, it would be generally farther away from Norwegian.

Norwegian is a cool but really confusing language(s).

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