I chuckle everytime I see an elsevier copyright notice on the papers I access using sci hub

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racism and language shitpost 

Please select:

🇺🇸 Racism (simplified)
🇪🇺 Racism (traditional)

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Two factor authorization will fail as a system in the long run because its philosophical basis -- "Am I truly the same person who I entered my login information two seconds ago? Have I not changed immeasurably in the intervening moments? Is not my identity a Heraclitean stream? 'You never log in to the same website twice.'" -- is fraught with existentialisms.

only one day and I miss my laptop so much. doing almost all I do is possible on my phone but it's so excruciating

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The health ministry of Moldova has a cynical, yet awesome vaccination campaign video. I wrote English subtitles for it. youtu.be/nMD_AzdYHdc

complicado achar torrent de programa brasileiro

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I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as sex, is in fact, gender/sex, or as I've recently taken to calling it, gender plus sex. Sex is not a discrete biological trait unto itself, but rather another component of a fully functioning gender system in which aspects of social roles, personal identity, and yes, metabolism and anatomy have been discursively constructed as "sexed". Many members of society reify some form of the gender binary every day, without realizing it.

precisei de quatro dias sem internet e uma queda de energia mas finalmente terminei de ler la hija del mar ontem

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"Você aceitaria ganhar x reais, mas com a pessoa que você mais odeia ganhando 10x reais?"

Você acabou de descrever um emprego.

o cara da internet não veio, inferno..

in situation of 12 hour video of gregorian chants

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would someone know if there is any material like language transfer, "say something in" or some kind of listen and repeat approach for norwegian?

I'm ridiculous. I know how to pronounce a lot of german words but I don't understand shit

slightly nsfw 

I'm going to write all the words and euphemisms for dick that exist in portuguese that I remember because yes.
pênis, pica, piroca, pinto, rola, pindola, mangueira, jeba, trozoba, cobra, peru, pau, mastro, falo, membro, cacete, caralho, bimba, pipi, pipiu, pistola, giromba, minhocão, bilau, dedo sem unha, cajado, linguiça, salsicha, mandioca, ganso, pingola, trolha, banana, pingulin, pinguelo, salame, benga, tora, cana, sucuri, anaconda, neca, tromba, pimboca, pincel, chibata, pomba

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lol, there is both the 'Scottish Socialist Party' *and* the 'Socialist Party Scotland' ✊ 🍞 🌹

scottishsocialistparty.org/ socialistpartyscotland.org.uk/

I'm sure there are legit reasons for them not being joined, but there are only like 6m people in Scotland, and all I can think of is the Judean People's Front... or was that the People's Front of Judea? 🙈 🤦‍♂️

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