demorou um pouco mas eu me acostumei ao frio

em situação de helikopter helikopter

caralho fiquei sonhando com we don't talk about apple bottom jeans boots with the fur

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yknow, i just fucking love how furry language is so kinky

depois de trinta anos terminei de ler torto arado, incrível, amei aaaaaa

que hora conveniente pra surtar e aprender sobre opds e os caralho a quatro tudo sobre e-book

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english translation:

"it's forbidden to use this art as NFT. Fuck NFT, fuck bitcoins, fuck cryptocurrency. We support the extintion of money, capitalism, police and corporations, including any 'social media' this art may appear. This art cannot be used by fascists and sympathizers. Death to all fascists, nazists, TERFs and Bolsonaro supporters. Black and trans lives matter."

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i like my apples like i like my politics: red-green

breaking news: I'm not capable of living

learning indonesian to understand a discussion that started in a cat meme that has many words in english but i can't make sense of what's happening

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today i found out about oxford comma. the anglophone world is a deranged and hopeless one

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How do you know if Amazon has your country's government in its pocket? 

Your country has a Prime minister.

my keyboard is breaking, one key at a time... so frustrating

odeio essa época do ano pq fica claro muito mais cedo e escurece muito tarde

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