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I never imported my follows into this alt, so if I used to follow you and don't now, it's nothing personal, I just don't have all my old follows and i have a terrible memory

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ugh I need more coffee, my reading comprehension is absolute garbage today

I am getting really fed up with white marxists making everything about their ideology and minimising black people movements: "it's about the white proletariat too, there are black capitalists as well y'know".

Can't white lefties fuck the shut up and listen for a second?

this is a good place to donate if youve still got dollars

[[Please, if you boost, boost the whole thread, this part is more important than the first]]

HOWEVER, I highly encourage you to prioritise supporting black artists instead!
And I know I may not have much of a platform, but I would like to help boosting their voices.

So if you are a black artist/know black artists who could use the support, you can reply with your/their name(s)/links under this post, and I'll share them. [2/2]

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[[Please, if you boost, boost the whole thread!]]

Hey, everyone!
There's another #BandcampFriday on June 5th, where the platform will once again waive their revenue share!

As such, I've decided to donate whatever I get on this day +from my own purse to as many of these funds as I can:
(you can check those out and donate yourself too if you can! There's also a link to a video you can watch that donates all its add revenue and features the work of black artists.) [1/2]

I know the scottish contingency on the fediverse is a bit sparse, but here's a list of scottish anti-racist organisations you can and should donate to, courtesy of Living Rent's twitter:

Saheliya -

Positive Action in Housing -

Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights-

Ethnic Minority National Resistance Network-

while we shift focus to donating directly individuals please donate to this gofundme for a woman named Barbara Vernéus to complete her journey to becoming a midwife. the statistics of death for birthing people in the US are abysmal and the truth is that those numbers are disproportionately made up of Black birthing people. one way we can help fix this is by supporting more Black birth workers.

idea for a new website: onlyreplyguys, a place where white dudes respond to programmatically-generated posts by accounts that have procedurally-generated femme-looking avatars

imagine getting domain blocked so much and so fast that it takes your instance down

Minneapolis's school board will vote to remove police from schools tonight, so here's an opportunity for Minneapolis residents to make a positive change: contact your school board rep.

Making a point of blocking PV is always one of the early phases of the self-destruct sequence.

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Wanna make your instances welcoming to everyone, not just my Black ass:

Get your CoC in check
Get rid of chuds when they get reported
Clean up your act

and don't fucking whine when ppl block your shit, good lord

mines and others safety > your feelings

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tfw you click "Merge" on the PR at the same time that you notice a typo in the commit message 😢

massive yikes at, suspended the instance for rancid vibes unblocking gab, and then blocking PV and snouts and a couple of other instances who I trust from over here

if you block PV that's kind of all I need to know about you

I'm a spoonie living in the middle of nowhere

But I have a degree in community management.

Please let me know if you need help organizing something or communicating.

I have signal.

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