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I never imported my follows into this alt, so if I used to follow you and don't now, it's nothing personal, I just don't have all my old follows and i have a terrible memory

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Here鈥檚 more info on the LiveJournal breach. It鈥檚 old, but everything started getting posted around publicly this month.

you either die a listener or live long enough to be a friend of the pod

A little reminder that I'm also @Louisa now, I'll still talk about food here too because I'm always talking about food, but TMC has a very high character limit which is perfect for recipes, so those will definitely be there

Metal Gear Liquid
Metal Gear Gas
Metal Gear Plasma
Metal Gear Bose鈥揈instein condensate

Pick a power up :


Because it's a skill that's missing in our society, here's how to apologize.

1) Acknowledge harm. "I f'd up." 2) State what you did that was wrong, in a way that shows you understand the harm done.
3) Express regret
4) Say what you're going to change to not cause this harm again
5) Listen.

Don't ask the hurt person for *anything.* It's up to them to accept or not, if they choose.

Don't be clever. Be plain & simple.

what's the verdict on Minecraft Dungeons? I kinda want to grab it because I love Diablo-likes, but not sure

PSA: Minecraft Dungeons wipes your entire drive when uninstalling

Imagine being a fuckin gross weeb with 鈥渟ex: yes please鈥 in your bio

"Misery Business - Paramore (1940's Jazz Cover)" ummmmm yes plz

#NowPlaying #np

Old Town Road Sung By Blues Legend Miche Braden (LiL Nas X Billy Ray Cover)

calling your wife the old ball and chain not because you hate her but because it's your cute nickname for her ability to wield a flail with devastating power

someone rec me a masto app that has an emoji keyboard

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I Don't Know How To Explain To You That You Should Care About Other People

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