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Someone suggested we support individuals today, and I think that we should all start with Artist Marcia X, @ArtistMarciaX ,
who's not only taught just me a lot, but a lot of other people too.

The Go Fund Me for their PhD will be at the bottom. They are more than half way there already, and we could finish that off today, easy.

If you're curious about what kind of work they do outside of here? Check out their website


"Compensation: gratis"

Like 10 $/£/E was not in your pocket to get some student something to eat for a day or two :thinkin:

I only ever download and buy music on bandcamp, so I forget that it has social networking features, which then makes me feel weird when someone starts following me there

It's mid 2020 and white FLOSS bros are still at it, driving women and minorities away from tech, still unable to shut the fuck up, still acting as if they own the fucking place and still spitting all sorts of tone deaf bullshit.


Please don't allow Pride to decenter the Black Civil Rights movement happening right now.

Reminder that anarchist people of color exist, leftist people of color exist, and if you as a white person use someone's pleas from within communities of color to negate that? You're part of the problem, even if you're masking it with liberal rhetoric

That is not the way to have that discussion. Even among yourselves.


watching @arcatech play civ.

support black streamers!

im fucking pissed. every cracker making it known that they are concerned for property are complicit, either through sheer ignorance or baffling denial.

the know the depravity of the violence, but they push onward.

Another tragic accident at the feminism factory has led to another batch of feminist theory being contaminated with "terf bullshit". Recalls are expected but this is unlikely to prevent these products from harming consumers.

its the first of the month, dont forget to pay the violent looters who will throw all your belongings on the street and change the locks on your door if you dont pay up

If you are trying to portray pride and BLM as clashing for attention rather than being intersectional and intertwined.


i think ive become unhinged at the concept of people caping for small business owners without even considering the idea that every facet of modern day capitalism was built on the exploitation and subjugation of black people. Eric Williams published a book about as early as 1944.

this violence has been in place since before the colonies were established.

shitpost meta (not a shitpost) 

if you have a really great shitpost about a marginalized group that you're not a part of, maybe consider...

It's. Not. Your. Joke. To. Make??

if it's truly so incredible, DM it to one of your friends who's part of that marginalized group. and if you feel uneasy about doing that, maybe reconsider whether it's such a great fucking gag

if other people aren't laughing about that same topic

There. Might. Be. A. Reason.

bail fund request, boosts appreciated 

might be a long shot, but does anyone know of a legit bail fund for protestors in Detroit?

If you're non-Black and trying to argue that racism doesnt exist and is only an aspect of class warfare you need to shut the fuck up

I'm not here to guilt anyone for taking space for their mental health, we all need to take care of ourselves now as much as ever. But consider that some people dont have the luxury of taking space. Some people (not white people!) are literally fighting for their right to exist. So kindly log off, spend the day drawing or give yourself a makeover or work on your car or whatever the fuck. But if you are asking protestors to riot quietly and hide information behind cw's were gonna have a problem!

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