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AI art, artistic media 

i don't care about ethics or copyright of AI art.

but i mildly dislike it, and i think it's at least partly because it doesn't have a medium.

all human art has a medium: pencil and paper, or watercolour, or oil on canvas, or even computer art (which is its own medium), and the medium is hugely important to the way the work is created and how it looks.

but AI art just... appears, as a bitmap with pixels in. there's no story behind its construction and it has no inherent constraints or physical existence. so it'll always be missing something that human art has.

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[1] 躺平(Tangping) means to “lying flat.” This spawned the slogan “a chive lying flat is difficult to reap” 躺平的韭菜不好割. It has become somewhat known by its transliteration but this definition is important.

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The "free speech absolutist" and apartheid emerald mine beneficiary has suspended @WaNaziWatch on Twitter.

Make sure you go read and share all of their exposes at and follow them here on Mastodon

It's the last day of NaNoWriMo and my magnum opus had barely passed 14,000 words 😩

Nevermind, tomorrow will see the start of Advent of Code 😀

'Meteoric rise?' 🤔
Even a helium balloon rises faster than a meteor.

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PSA: moderation and reporting 

Please remember that you have not only your personal muting/blocking tools, but also instance mod teams at your disposal.

If something breaks the rules of your instance and/or the rules of the remote instance and/or common sense of the fediverse, the report system works quite well.

If that isn't enough, your administrators have the means of silencing and defederating whole instances.

There is also the option of announcing fediblock for a wider-scale ban in order to alert admins of multiple instances.

If it's your instance that is problematic, you can move your account elsewhere. For Mastodon, it's

#FediverseTips #MastodonTips

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1. Les flics ont dénoncé #AntifaLeJeu comme un danger public pour la sociéter rock fort.

2. La #FNAC plie le genou face à ces fachos ouin-ouineurs, en retirant le jeu de la vente dans ses rayons.

Résultat : effet Streisand et boule de merde pour les flics car le jeu se retrouve en rupture de stock sur le site de l'éditeur, @LibertaliaLivre

Pour une fois, les flics se montrent vraiment utiles, ça change 🙄

#FNACollabos #FNACAB

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What do you say to your beautiful son who is realising (at 8) that he doesn’t fit in with the other boys? He’s artistic, creative, a theatre kid, loves to act and sing.

He turned to me last night and said “Daddy, I wish I liked football like the other boys so I can join in…”

Broke my heart.

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To bring some color into November:

The foam grasshopper (Dictyophorus spumans) native to South Africa doesn’t spring: Its bright colours warn predators that it is inedible. They feed on poisonous plants and store those toxins in their bodies. In case a particularly hungry animal should try to eat them, they produce a disgustingly smelly foam behind their head. .

#biodiversity #insects #NaturePhotography #nature
#conservation #SouthAfrica

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Please don't recommend "just run your own server".

It's not a feasible thing to do for 99.99% of people and besides it doesn't solve moderation issues; it only subtly shifts moderation work around.

There are no technological solutions for social problems. Never have been, never will be.

Someone always has to do the hard work.

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I'll admit that I was hesitant and frankly scared to be here because I thought you had to be deep into tech to find any sense of community here. I'm not. Glad I was wrong.

I'm still hesitant. I didn't realize how much I was always in a trauma protection stance on the bird site. I'm still on guard here too, but I appreciate those in #BlackMastodon #BlackFedi and #BlackTwitter for making me less fearful about being here.

#Mastodon #TwitterMigration #BlackTwitter #BlackMastodon #BlackFedi

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A #dictionary portal for the N|uu language with accompanying translations in #Nama, #Afrikaans and #English. Search for any of the included target words in N|uu, Nama, Afrikaans, or English. To assist with pronunciation, N|uu words are transcribed into the IPA. Additionally, audio recordings from mother tongue speakers are provided as examples of how the language sounds.

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Hey, everyone! I’m starting #bookrecommendations thread promoting works writing by #blackauthors starting with:
“Root Magic” by Eden Royce. Set in the 1960s South, this YA novel is about two twins who learn Rootwork courtesy of their uncle. Aside from that, the children face issues such as classism, racism, and the power of ancestral work. Here’s an article featuring Royce speaking on her book and its significance:

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J'adore Le Cours de L'histoire sur #FranceCulture, mais cette semaine je trouve que le sujet est particulièrement intéressant : histoire des violences faites aux femmes.

Aujourd'hui dans l'émission "la médecine et le mythe du sexe faible", j'ai appris que le sang des règles n'avait été analysé qu'en... 2017...

On voit que tout va bien de ce côté là, donc, la #médecine toujours au taquet pour ce qui est d'ignorer la moitié de la population 👌
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It's really frustrating to try to find #Indigenous people here when non-Indigenous folks use the hashtag to note their "interests" or when they code-switch/code-borrow Indigenous terms, languages, place names, etc in ways that insinuate Indigeneity without outright claiming it. Please don't.

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If we want serious action on climate change, we can't just keep harping on how much death and displacement it will cause in the Global South. We need to stress how it will slightly inconvenience wealthy white people.

Tell them that every time the climate warms a degree, they'll have to learn three new pronouns. You'll have Exxon execs lining up to ban fossil fuels.

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I've moved on from Substack to host The Little Wanderer on my own website.

Please clap; my tech skills are not mighty.

If you want to keep up on the project to recreate my archive of Palestinian folklore, edit two books of Palestinian speculative fiction and much more besides, you know what to do.

#Newsletter #Palestine #Folklore #SFF #Bipoc

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