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Hola amigos. Hoy encontré este sitio web de la Biblioteca Nacional de Chile, que contiene muchos libros sobre la historia de Chile.

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Wouldn't it be cool if local minority languages and neighbouring languages were taught everywhere.

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¿Tenéis recomendaciones de podcasts en español? Me interesaría escuchar más podcasts cuando trabajo en mi cuarto. 🙏

política estadounidense 

El sistema política estadounidense hay que sea uno de los más complicados del mundo. Pero las elecciones me han dado ganas de aprender más sobre los diferentes sistemas políticas en el mundo 🤓

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Polyglot.city is once again open for new registrations.

Are you interested in languages, linguistics, translation etc? Do you want to find a small, peaceful and moderated instance?

Then come to us! polyglot.city

We'll review all registrations, so state your interest in languages when you sign up.


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Hey, #Chinese speakers, without looking it up, does 新萊昂州 mean anything to you?

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The Satyashodhak newsletter for November is out. Please find it in your email inbox (Promotions tab in Gmail). And if you haven't subscribed yet, please do. Also, please give us feedback. t.co/2XusEdUjDg

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All the #TokiPona sitelen sitelen drawings I made for #Inktober are gathered chronologically in this forum thread, with a description written in linja pona glyphs.



Un livre mentionné dans l'article, la version électronique est complètement gratuite. Il parle des changements d'alimentation accompagnant l'urbanisation en Afrique, Asie et Amérique Latine. Il me paraît fascinant!

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Figures de style.

L'anaphore, l'ana-faible, L'ana-Del Rey.

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