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bangla notes 

I've been slowly (very slowly) learning Bengali over the past month or so. I thought I'd post a little bit about the process on here to keep track of how its going.

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Going to start a thread with various language learning resources I have found

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this is the most succinct response I've ever seen to the comment "but Android is Linux!!"

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Anyone developing #fediverse software doing so, or wanting to do so, as a cooperative, ideally both worker-owned and answerable to donors democratically?

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餡,點心中所實之物也。或為菜、筍、菰、〈【茭白也。】〉蕈,或為牛、羊、豕、雞、鴨、魚、蝦之肉,味皆鹹。或為豬油雞油而加以果實,則甜。 (《清稗类钞·饮食类·點心之餡》)

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You want to help #OpenSource #FreeSoftware but you are not a developer? And English isn't your first language? Well - that's just perfect! Join us at #codeberg and donate some of your time and knowledge of your language by helping with translations for many open source projects at!

Wow I wish I had seen this before I struggled with the Bengali script with what seemed like forever.

Devanagari (with sections for Sanskrit, Hindi and Marathi), Gujarati and Bengali. I haven't had a chance to investigate too much but it looks very thorough.

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Have you heard of Device Neutrality? The term is known mostly in academia but it is useful to every user.

#DeviceNeutrality means:

🖥️ Free choice of OS and software that run on our devices.

📡 Free choice to connect our devices with different service providers.

↔️ Interoperable and open standards-compliant devices.

🔍 Publication of the source code of drivers, tools, and interfaces under a free software license.

📂 Control over personal data in devices.

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Does anyone keep a public reading/listening log that includes not only books they're reading but also articles/podcasts in chronological order? Or seen any good examples? I'm thinking of starting one.

Please boost/retweet :)

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The highest good is like water.
Water's goodness benefits all things, without striving.
It dwells in places the masses hate.
Hence it is near to the Dao.

#Laozi, #Daodejing #8 / 🎨 my #watercolor
#Daoism #Chinese #philosophy @philosophy @chineseliterature

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Desde @irmalila "¡Ya llegó! ¡Ya está aquí! El libro definitivo sobre las empresas forestales de México, las que mantienen en pie nuestros bosques, las que le plantan cara al crimen organizado, las que nos han enseñado cómo viviendo en común se vive mejor."

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I read most #books from the #library. Might a #librarian near you be willing to request a copy through interlibrary loan?

I buy few books. Instead I #donate to the #Literacy Project (in Greenfield, MA), the Northampton Survival Center, SEE International (to cure #blindness) or other nonprofits. (Or I help out my extended family . . .)

Here are causes I support, in part to carry on Marc Steinberg's (1956-2019) legacy: @BobDevney @chowleen @Elijahrempe

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Lentils are anti-royalist! Eat more lentils! Lentils are good! Said Diogenes already.

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This is a great piece on Lachit Borphukan, the Ahom royal figure from Assam — the ads about whom the BJP plastered across the national dailies recently. By Suraj Gogoi and Manoranjan Pegu

Billingual English/Bengali encyclopedia for all things related to Bengali culture:

Looks really good!

@polyglotcitystudies That being said: what is everyone up to this week?

I finished up chapter 17 in Teach Yourself Bengali, which was basically the present tense. This week I'm tackling the future tense in unit 18.

Not a ton of progress on other fronts. Need to read more in Chinese I think.

Hello people interested in , just wanted to let you know that thanks the suggestion of @joyfuluselessness we now have a little group that you can follow, @polyglotcitystudies . Please follow it! Any time you tag it in a post, all followers will see it in their timeline. I think we'll use it from now on to do the weekly thread.

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"tcp/ip" what the hell is this have neo pronouns gone too far

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Remembering Jotirao Phule on his death anniversary!

Catch The Satyashodhak team live on Instagram today in conversation with Thallapelli Praveen.


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Tonight in the center of Chengdu protesters call for freedom of speech and freedom of the press. These are not students isolated in a university, this is in the heart of Chengdu. Not long after, plain clothes police officers started arresting people and putting them on buses that are seen in the background. Protesters in Shanghai have already demanded the release of those arrested last night on Urumuqi Road, I would not be surprised to see a similar demand in Chengdu tomorrow #ChinaProtests

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