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Help wanted for wiki.js:

Hello there people of the fediverse!

When writing equations in markdown, I can see the equation properly rendered on the preview panel. But when the page is saved, only white spaces are shown in the wiki instead of the equations. Figures and tables are working properly.

I tried with mathjax and with katex.

Wiki.js version 2.5.201 .

What can I try?


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Today is Igalia's 20th anniversary, celebrating 20 years of contributions to open and free software, as a successful egalitarian worker cooperative.


I joined Igalia almost two years ago, in which I did and continue to learn so many fascinating things, about language specification, about WebAssembly, about JS engines and compilers. But most importantly, about taking common decisions and truly working together as equals.

As I told my dear coworkers:

"Enjoying one's work is a fine thing, but being able to share common goals and such collegiality with you Igalians is certainly a dream come true."


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If you're person of , consider answering the EUCAP 2021 Survey.

The survey maps your opinions on autism research, support and treatment options, and autists in decision making.

EUCAP is an autistic-lead umbrella organization of European autistic organizations, so this survey is important to get *our own voices* heard.

The survey is available in 11 languages. Deadline Nov 15th 2021.


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building the future is not a purely technical project, I don't even think it's a primarily technical project. it's a project of community and people, which is to say is inherently political. I think that word is a turn off to many programmers in the West who (due to Cold War era education I guess?) are effectively politically illiterate. and when you insist on being "apolitical" then all you can do is bolster the status quo. this is not how you make progress.

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so many people convinced they are "building the future" are actually just rehashing the present and the past. like every new supposedly planet-scale system that is ASCII only on some level, or the cryptocurrency community who's wildest dreams for a future society still involve money, hierarchy, wealth disparity, centralized control. this isn't progress.

Me sentía un poco triste esta tarde pero me voy a comer un bol de lentejas. Esto siempre me pone de bon humor :)

Espero que todos vayan bien

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My favorite weird Windows feature is that by installing the Japanese language pack, Windows Explorer gains the ability to open .lha/.lzh archives

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decade after the subprime crisis and after 10 years of record
growth in the microfinance industry (Convergences 2018), our
analysis of banking practices in Paraguay and India shows how
both subprime and microfinance are coconstituted scalar hier-
archies that animate the distributional order of global finance."

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Creo que voy a escribir algo alrededor de mi experiencia con Duolinguo y porque no me gusta este sitio

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