two statements about libraries 

1. universities are just a range of architecture surrounding a library

2. today is my first day at the library

prostikkua, ongo täl fediversal karjalankielizii ristikanzoi?

appalling academics are at it again 

@Stoori Other way of framing it: past researchers were often just winging it, not caring about ethics. Now that you have to, it's awfully inconvenient to the ones used to the previous approach.

learning endangered languages 

The important thing to remember is, why do you want to learn an endangered language?

In the ideal case you should learn it to make the language more viable for the native speakers, so that they have more chances to use their own language.

So learn the language only if you're willing to interact with the minority people in their own terms and around topics that they find important.

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learning endangered languages 

If you're not part of a linguistic or cultural minority, you might wonder if it's okay for you to learn an endangered language or not.

Here's one insight. Finland-Swedish Deaf Association's action plan from 2015 states that it's important to get new users for FSTS, no matter if they're deaf or hearing. ( p. 18)

You shouldn't of course generalise from one example, but the chances are that it's okay for you to learn that endangered language.

Suo-men kieli - finally, a language for swamp men!

is it normal behaviour in BookWyrm, that after "finish reading" the book is still shelved under "currently reading", and trying to unshelve it ends up with a 404?

how people imagine Low German works:
you take High German, add some phonological processes, and some special vocabulary

how Low German actually works:
you take High German and add some farmers' humour

Today’s lesson in Low German:

vacuum cleaner (dt. Staubsauger) = huulbessen (crying broom)

oh no, nutelle/nutella/nutelta locative pun incoming

colonialism in linguistics 

Yes, Michael Rießler from Freiburg and Joensuu, I know you're my Master thesis mentor and it's so generous of you to extend my deadlines all the time, so I probably shouldn't critisize you, but are you really the best person to describe Kildin Sami?

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colonialism in linguistics 

Don't take this personally, Sirkka Saarinen from Turku, you surely know a lot about Mari, given that you published dictionaries about it, but y'know, there's a Mari State University in Yoshkar-Ola, and they have excellent linguists too, who speak it natively x.x

Hello, Jussi Ylikoski from Tromsø, main editor of the FUF, who wrote 4 out of 6 chapters about Saami languages, do you really know every single one of these so well that there were no other candidates? x.x

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colonialism in linguistics 

“The Oxford Guide to the Uralic Languages” has been published!
>1000 pages, chapters about almost all the Uralic languages and adjacent topics you can think of!

But seeing the authors next to the table of contents makes me cry. I know most of these names pretty well, have even talked to some of them, and it's pretty clear that almost none of the articles about the languages are coming from the respective communities >.>

@Stoori General rule: Don't break up sentences into separate translatable strings. Use the whole sentence with placeholders instead.

There is an Old Komi language school in April :blobcatheart:

but I can't attend, I have to work 😩

I want nouns to choose different infix vowels depending on how important they are to the story. I want verbs to choose a different initial consonant depending on how risky the action is.

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i don't want it simple. i want weird fucked-up accusative/ergative splits that depend on aspect and mode. I want fucked-up pronoun systems that don't split between inclusive and exclusive 1PL, but between topic and focus 1PL. I want verbs that chose different conjugations depending on whether the object is alive, awake and consenting.

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