If .social implemented Advanced Search like on it may really give them advantage over and bring people to website and being other people can take code and created alternative for IMDb. It would have been really cool to subscribe to sites like IMDb and Goodreads using and receive update notifications about new /#books from your favorite actors/authors.

It is a great pity that there is no website like IMDb for . How are we supposed to find books of interest to us if there is no Advanced Search on ? On there is Advanced Search where you can sort by Genre, Year, Language, and most importantly by Number of Votes which is the only best most objective (not influenced and not manipulated) measure of quality - how good a certain title is. I would have read much more books if there was way to find them.

This year I have this idea to switch to subtitles as language learning material. Because with subtitles you get a whole story in just 6 000 words. So I am now running an experiment and I'll see if I fail or succeed with it in 2 years. I have this idea that with 12-25 subtitles reread 12-25-50 times subtitles I can get vocab enough for fluency - understanding movies in these languages.
with &tbs=qdr:y you can get some more results

I learn too many languages at the same time but I don't aim at learning them all to fluency. I think I can be content with just knowing a little of each. But I have this idea that you can become fluent even with little of language if you learn it well or you can become limitedly partially fluent. It may be like with children when they learn little at first but they can't run from fluency afterwards.

Hi everyone. You can call me Sam. My native language is Russian. I humbly know 4 languages. Icelandic, Danish, German, and Finnish. I don't know my languages well enough to speak them or equally well, but I can read more less news in them. This year I started seriously learn Japanese and Korean. Other languages of my interest are Estonian, Lithuanian, and Irish. It's a lot of languages but I don't aim at learning them all to fluency. I think I can be content with just knowing a little of each.

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