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made a seperate account for tooting and/or learning abt different languages.
Native English speaker/HSK2 普通话 OK!/日本語勉強している/interested in German and Swedish too!


I also learned that international translator day is a thing that exists it’s on Sept 30th. Maybe there should be an event here or smth?

I was already following Caleb cook who’s the official JP->ENG translator for several Shonen jump series including bnha, but this tag helped me find other ppl on twitter who translated some of my favorite comics.

The twitter hashtag is getting a bit more popular so I thought I’d share it here. It’s mostly used by anime/video game translators tho, but it’s still nice to see the ppl behind all the translation work

1/2 of the interesting linguistic related things I've seen on Twitter about English internet slang. I hope I can find the second one, but I might have lost the bookmark.

omg weibo has my account registration date as 2015-12-01, thats how long weibo hasn't liked my phone number lollll
judging by the time, i must have made it when i was still in high school. maybe my chinese teacher told me to do it or something? i can't remember lol

i have no idea why but weibo gave me a ton of flak about having a phone number that wasn't mainland china, froze my account, and then always said that there was something wrong w/ my phone number. aaaaa it finally got accepted!


ive rlly been into john oliver recently lol. he makes p good professional callout videos lol



i wanted to self boost/cross post this, but mastodon is being strange for some reason and won't let me see all the toots on my main account...
anyways, a silly and slightly embarrassing short story of me asking my chinese friend about something -

Skipped ahead in the genki 2 textbook to see what it was like and uh. ロバートさん、ヤンさん、大丈夫ですか???

when i was doing the lesson i thought that the difference in the words were something like noun, verb, adjective?? idk haha

didnt understand vit/vitt/vita and other different forms during the color course of duolingo swedish bc the iphone app does not have the grammar lessons that the android app. so i googled it and this forum says that the difference is if the object youre describing is singular or plural. hm.

Quick question are RA less potential verbs really that common? I’ve heard that when it comes to slang and some words the genki textbook can be a bit outdated or incorrect sometimes so I’m not sure if i should totally believe this.

GENKI 2巻教科書が来ました!!!

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