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made a seperate account for tooting and/or learning abt different languages.
Native English speaker/HSK2 普通话 OK!/日本語勉強している/interested in German and Swedish too!

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i need to relearn chinese so i can be on weibo more for spicy hot donghua memes lol

i didnt know how to write popular or got a ton of money in the box office so i just took a really really long way around and instead wrote “这个很好好!所以我不惊喜。看了在微博和Twitter哪吒是,做了很多元。“
it just. made a lot of money. sounds about right. so eloquent lmao i need to rejoin a chinese class bc im cant remember anything and im dyingggg lollololol

my teachers were both like ““哪吒”在中国非常非常火” and it took me a while to realize that altho it mean fire, they meant it in more of a slang (?) way of "this movie's really hot/popular in china"

me trying to text my teachers: 我觉得这个电影是非常非常好!!因为 uhhhh hold up lemme open pleco so i can relearn adjectives and basic vocab lol

so i ended up posting this and a snapchat video of the first 10 seconds of the movie via movie screen on wechat and like both of my chinese high school teachers started texting me about it in chinese and i was like
1) oh yeah i can use chinese again! but also
2) oh no im so out of practice i wanna crawl in a ball and disappear aaa





most likely *dabs* sucks *dabs*

aaaa really tho, this is like my last summer vacation and i didnt really do anything special. i feel so sadddddd i wanna do something before it ends but i only have 11 days!!!!

(not proofread lol)

just learned that japanese has the word 自炊(じすい)which jisho says is "cooking for oneself; cooking one's own food," which i think is cool. i want to try to do that someday.
未来で、私が自炊をしたい。i think lol


thank you china for making shampoo literally be "clean hair water" 洗发水

I also posted on twitter abt the difference between 嘴 and 口 and got a reply which was helpful and interesting.
So zui is like the regular human mouth and kou can be the mouth, but can also mean oral like spoken language i guess?

the two genders

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