Today it took me a moment to realize the story I was about to read to a student was in German, not Spanish. How’s your week?

Did some Yiddish on Duolingo today. It’s been a while, but I’m glad I haven’t forgotten all of it :blobcatheart:

So I tutor for various languages, right? I'm very clear on what I can and can't teach, though. Here's a list of subjects my job has sent to me regardless: Dutch, Danish, Afrikaans, Estonian, Swedish, Bulgarian, and Norwegian. Not to mention all of the "looking for a native speaker of Swiss German" jobs

I'd love to know who writes those Duolingo stories. Today, one was about an elderly lady who shoplifted for fun. Weird, but I'm not sure anything can top my personal favorite, where Junior tells his dad he wants to be a lion-tamer like him. Why does he think that? Well, because his dad has leather pants and a whip in his closet :bc2:

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