How much can you say in 500 English characters vs. 500 German ones? What about Cantonese?

I was thinking about this, and about compactness in general. So I put together a chart of 4 typical social-media phrases in 10 languages. Here are the character counts, and the raw data. (*)

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The verb 'to toot' hasn't been around for that long, so I'd like to seize the opportunity and make it a strong verb.

Let's put it in the old Germanic class 7e:
to toot ~ teet ~ tooten

I'm really into poetry and I would like to start reading French poetry. Does anyone have recommendations? Where to find it, what authors etc.

I wanted to share this interesting book that I'm reading. It's an overview of the history of all languages in the world (as far as that was feasible).

I'll let you guys know if it was a good read! 📚

Salut! Je m'applle Moose! Je suis Anglaise et J'apprends le français!

Donnez-moi un follow pour être des mutuelles linguistiques !

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I used to share all my embarrassing mistakes in French on the bird site. I'll continue doing so here :)

Today in "What NOT to say in 🇲🇫"

When for example talking about a female artist and you want to say you think she's good at what she does, don't say:

"Elle est bonne" ❌️

That means you think she's hot.

Say "Elle est forte" instead. ✅️

Die slaapgaan (gedicht in het Afrikaans) 

Met die dofword van die lig
trek die gordyne toe
vir die slaapgaan. Teen die sien
trek die gordyne dig.

Haal diep asem; lê stil
met alles afgeskuif.
Jou hande trek die lakens op
en val oop, sonder wil.

Laat alles breek:
die oog, die voel, die oor;
jy sal net skerper hoor
die lewerkies met dagbreek.

(Barend J. Toerien)

I used to be really good at spelling, but since I speak multiple languages it's like I have dyslexia. "Multilingual dyslexia" we could say.

Am I the only one?

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