plurality/dysphoria (but positive news) 

I'm figuring out how to live comfortably in this body, part 28: if I sing "The Origin of Love", it sets me up to talk in a way that feels good to me—neither dysphoric nor fake. Also I sound good singing that song.

Death, animal death, unintentional upsetting implications. 

Oh cool, the moral of this Twilight Zone episode is "be sure to kill the family dog when you die or else you'll wind up in Hell" with a side helping of "good news (unironic): everyone you love will die soon."

Body affirmation, surgery 

There are definitely things I don't like about my body, and I'm excited to get surgery soon to start fixing some of them, but it is very good in the meantime to remember that there are already a lot of good things about it that I /do/ really like.

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Body affirmation 

It rocks that I have an Adam's apple. It feels so good to reach up and feel it hanging out there in my throat. Good job, body.

This Greek textbook, giving context for a translation exercise: "Aristotle is studying..."
Me, mentally clarifying: "Aristotle is making up bullshit about..."

Oh whoa, I'm halfway through the Ancient Greek textbook I'm teaching myself from. That's pretty cool.


I'm in a server with a couple of other plural systems, and it's actually . . . really nice to know brin and I aren't the only ones navigating weird, uncomfortable feelings around like, gender, transness, religion, and dating.


Skill unlocked: cooking carrots in a way that I actually want to eat them without pureeing them into the rest of the soup. 🌟

(The trick is cut them small and then cook them forever in the presence of lamb and leeks and fennel.)

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“Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark. In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves.”
– Carl Sagan

Me: *Translates one sentence of Thucydides.* That wasn't so bad, has everyone been over-hyping this?
Me: *Tries to translate a second sentence.* Oh.

Me 🤝 my headmate brin: bonding over learning the linguistic backend of the ancient languages we're learning and realizing how many "irregularities" are really just regular sound changes applied to paradigmatic forms.

It turns out having things explained to you helps you learn them.

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In undergrad: "Ugh, Greek is so irregular, how the fuck am I supposed to remember every single one of these weird exceptional forms?"
Working from a textbook that actually explains the morphology: "Oh, it's just /that/? I don't even need to write that out; it just makes sense."

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I got points off on a quiz once for fucking up the declension of θυγάτηρ, so it's /vindicating/ to finally have the rules of -ερ stems actually explained to me with θυγάτηρ as an example word.

My headmate @glitternoodle commissioned this awesome new pic of me from @/lilbeemichael on Twitter and I couldn't be happier with it! My account has my face on it now! Thank you so much, Bee!

Like everything, I don't think I ever learned it super well, but there are some fragments buried deep in there somewhere. It'll come back. I'll learn it right this time. It makes me feel good. Excited. Determined. It's gonna take me a while, but I'm gonna do it right this time. It's gonna be so good.

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I flipped way ahead in the Greek textbook the other night and found myself in the perfect tense section, and even though I couldn't have produced any of those forms from scratch, looking at them, I actually remembered some of them from undergrad. All the reduplications and the kappas and stuff. I was like, "Oh yeah. I always liked the perfect system."

Side note: How do you add an Ancient Greek keyboard to an Android phone?

Is there any reason Greek grammar books give the masculine forms before the feminine ones? I'm looking at a chart for εκεινη and it occurs to me how bizarre it is that they start with εκεινος instead. I'm assuming this is just sexism playing out?

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