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Moi. Une chimie sans valeur, et des mélodies impossibles. Ils emmènent l'éducation. Des bêtes d'une élégance fabuleuse circulaient.

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« J'écris, à mon pote, à ma mère, à ma femme, à mon gosse, à mes peurs, à mes cris
À ma crasse, à la terre, à la sale, sale sorcière de mon coeur »

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Remember remember, that bottle of coloured drink for my friend met in October.

Better than WhatsApp: Try these Free Software Apps and Services — Free Software Foundation India

#WhatsApp #Telegram #Signal #matrix #xmpp #p2p #element #quicksy #FreeSoftware

Thanks to Riya for making the info graphics.

Yay, I now have #pleroma running on a PYNQ-Z1 FPGA board. It has a 650MHz dual-core Arm Cortex-A9 with 512MB RAM. That is not enough memory to run #mastodon though.

If you like #gemini I just found out about this neat directory of gemini host categorized by topics much like the Mastodon Trunk page.

Probably worth checking out if you're looking for some content in geminispace:




#Google starts to lock out non-official Chrome builds like #Chromium. The #web is a cricual infrastructure these days and as such we need independent browsers and rendering engines!

If you care about the free and open web you shouldn't use Chrome based browsers.

Thread with more details:

Visto che su cine34 c'é amarcord
Stasèira piadeina
PS cosa puó capire uno straniero di sto film?

Nous saisissons la Défenseure des droits sur le règlement terroriste européen.

Malgré la censure du Conseil constit. en juin 2020 sur le retrait obligatoire en 1h des contenus "terroristes", le gouvernement français continue de pousser à son adoption au niveau européen

Savez-vous que les puissances étrangères vous cernent ici ?

Maximilien Robespierre

Usually cerner is to surround. But this explanation doesn’t really work here knowing the historical context.

In your opinion, what could it be?

asking for book recommendations 

Do you know any alternative history novels where Europe became islamic from the middle ages on? Like, how Iberia was, but for the whole continent?

(And should go without saying: strictly no islamophobic books, thanks!)

Can be in any language.

Tiens en triants mes fichiers, je suis retrombé sur ça.

À re-sortir le jour où quelqu'un vous dit encore « Mais si tu n'as rien à te reprocher, pourquoi refuser de te faire ficher (par la police) ? »

The Latvian Radio Choir singing Rachmaninov's All-night Vigil, Op. 37 "Vespers". The best music for crying and programming, both at the same time. Here I am, tears streaming down my face, thinking about getting data into a Postgres database. And I keep thinking: this is the time we live in. Crying, chagrined, as the world slowly turns into a swamp. And yet. Music is going to turn me into a believer, yet. "For his mercy endureth for ever. Alleluia." We are all in desperate need of it.

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