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Currently two accounts. One European Languages, one Europeanichts.

The rest burned to ashes or deleted.

Reminds me of how people tend to complain less about not understanding one’s French when it’s my chemistry teacher speaking, who actually speaks shittier French than I

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Events like the one happened tonight often makes me question about my relationship with this country (or more like reminds me)

Will I ever be treated like every one else and can safely assume that I can call this place my hometown without the need to defend myself telling people that “hey I too have grown up here”?

Of course, you can say “yeah but these shitty people are frontaliers; they cannot represent this country”

But aren’t these people part of my experience with this country as well?

Je suis chez la mère @zaclys , aucun souci avec leur mail, et plusieurs adresses dispo sur le même compte.

Infographic flowchart of how to recognize germanic languages based on their writing (and not based on speaking, as the text suggests).

#Gitea is joining the fediverse 🎉 We can now announce we've been accepted into the #NLnet funding round that we applied to.

Thank you to @NGIZero @dachary @forgefriends and so many others for getting us to this point.

We are very much looking forward to many wonderful things that federation within forges can support.

@tommi posed an idea for a #Fediverse #Movie database in #Lemmy

And also on #FediverseTown

Candidate existing platforms to build from are @bookwyrm and @inventaire

But why fork, and create separate independent projects? Imho it would be great if there was a generic Fediverse Directory platform, with which you can create collections of any type of item, be they #Books or #Movies or what-have-you.

With plugins for templates + #UI widgets.

Anyone math (calculus) inclined? Help appreciated. Both in this question I have and also help in understanding what is "academic paper grade" handwaving away of calculus. Boosts appreciated.

J'ai testé pour vous :

Présenter le e-billet #SNCF (pdf reçu par email) au contrôleur : ça fonctionne (2 #TGV et 2 #TER ).
Il faut juste bien zoomer sur le #qrcode .

Exit les impressions papier.
L'app SNCF n'a jamais été une option : pas libre et surtout BEAUCOUP trop gourmande en permissions.

#JoinFediverseWiki is almost ready for it's official launch in 8 days.

Right now I'm gathering feedback from people who are not deep into the Fediverse yet.
What you can do to help:
* #boost this post.
* show the wiki to your non-fedizen friends and forward me their feedback.
* of course you can give me feedback yourself even if you're a Fediverse veteran.
* help edit the wiki. For now I wrote almost everything myself.

Happy holidays everybody. 🎉

#JoinFediverse #JoinTheFediverse #FediverseWiki

Nice video by

If only 100 people lived on earth..

C’est quoi cette merde de tous les passengers enlever leurs chaussures et poser leurs pieds dans les sièges en face?

Fin oui c’est vrai maintenant le masque est obligatoire mais putain quel manque de respect

Wait a minute: if biscuit is just bi + cuit as in “cuire twice”, and Zwieback twice bake, then biscuits are the same thing as zwiebach except more bready and thicker?

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