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Currently two accounts. One European Languages, one Europeanichts.

The rest burned to ashes or deleted.

=>in the old times only people with children can be considered wise and eligible be called elderly?

(I am just making up stories assuming the association of these two words

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Imaginary German stuff


=> Parent -> Elderly





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Quelqu'un pourrait me dire ce que c'est que ça ? Ça n'est pas dans le document source…

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*Listening to a German show*

*suddenly things became Italiano*

*turning up the subtitle*

*oh it’s Latin*


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French-German TV channel #arte has a lovely documentary about the palace cats of St. Petersburg.

It is available online in French and German language and with English, Spanish, and Polish subtitles. 😻

« You could rewrite some part of your personal server to strip EXIF data, but right now the only answer is "be careful".

Deleting a picture message does not delete the picture from Matrix servers, which is another fun privacy issue that server admins can abuse »

Yup, that’s a no on my part

I mean hell yeah it's a "we've seen it all" wuxia-esque cheesy corny predictable little story, but hell 就算知道所有套路猜到事情走向又怎样,只要故事讲得好 and by the end of day I am entertained, I am happy

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Currently two accounts. One European Languages, one Europeanichts.

The rest burned to ashes or deleted.

Truely impressed by the show, haven't watched something so Wuxia for a long time. An outstanding work despite the quite noticeable "I don't have enough money" vibe

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About "Seis Manos", aka the 邵氏武术 & Mexican bandwagon combo - "六拳一气":

I feel like some basic understanding of spanish is required to fully appreciate the humour of the show

I see that "but it's usually subtext" is not directly translated. The closest french translation I could think of would be "lire entre les lignes" or "sous-entendu", but neither is quite exact.

I guess I should just consider it as one of the not-so-translatable-phrases

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- Frappe-moi.

- Te frapper ?

- Oui, au visage. Tu es sourd ?

- Tu le cherches souvent, mais c'est jamais clairement dit.

- Bon sang ! Ça suffit.

- N'oublie pas que j'ai été soldat, j'ai tué des hommes.

- Tu étais médecin.

- J'avais mes humeurs.

- Que porterez-vous ?

- Ma tenue de combat.

- Quel veinard !

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