whats the best unicode character to represent the fediverse? we need a symbol that is already encoded!

so far the suggestions (ignoring the joke suggestions) are:

@Moon: ꙮ
@haverholm: ❆
@raphael: ❅ or ⁂

a list of suggested unicode symbols to represent the fediverse:
@Moon: ꙮ
@haverholm: ❆
@raphael: ⁂
@maikek: ∞
@mariusor: ꖜ
@singitout: ᵮ
@kerleone: 𖡦
@lukasfx: ⨕
@humanetech: 🕸️
@wago: ⛢


@liaizon @haverholm @raphael @maikek @mariusor @singitout @lukasfx @humanetech @wago


Late find: this amazing sign from the anatolian hieroglyph chart that fits perfectly, but probably it doesn't render on so many OS's? Debian does it.

@kerleone wow thats an amazing find! I am also on Debian rn and its displaying (tho very tiny), but it doesn't show up on iOS 14.1

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