właśnie mi się przypomniało, że mam tu konto. jak się macie?

i've just remembered about this instance. how are y'all?

mir ist gerade eingefallen dass ich account auf dieser instanz habe. wie geht's euch?

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Cat diet 

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mastodon meta 

kuuntelen juuri nyt Mustaa Paraatia

tää on mun lempiyhtyeni Suomesta

mikä on teidän?

i swear linguistics is up there with astronomy and politics in terms of the amount of youtube bullshit

enjoy youtube algorithms with me fellow language lovers

@Stoori @Chirel i'm curious, what do you think about the Indo-Uralic hypothesis?

i'm not even sure i like the reliance on language families or genealogical nodes for taxonomy

i think lineage isn't as straightforward as is commonly thought, and the current idea of "if basic vocab/grammar stays intact it's descent, else it's influence" is a cop-out

it's not like with evolution of species - people can speak multiple languages, fuck with them however they please and share with others

it may sound a bit out there but i think of linguistic enlightenment as a realisation that all languages of the world are just dialects of the same language, spread over continua and evolving interdependently

and what people perceive as languages are just futile attempts to take snapshots of this flux and freeze it

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good morning

jó reggelt

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Deutsche Bahn trying to be polyglott - Irren ist menschlich

(schukr is written in wrong direction r-k-sch instead شكر)

i have a new avatar just for this instance (modification of the old one) courtesy of @dzuk !
to be fair, Dzuk made my old one too :3

hello, i joined this instance because i hope it will motivate me to speak languages more, versus my main account where i ended up using English almost all the time

i'm interested in doing any natural languages which is why i'm not making a list - i've been doing (Mandarin) Chinese, Korean and Finnish recently

i'm recovering from some stuff which put languages on a hiatus, but would really love to get back on track

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