Advent calendar, but every door opens to a non fungible token

TIL the Olkiluoto 3 nuclear plant being built in Finland is now fifth in the World's Most Expensive Buildings list (in addition to being 12 years past due; the start of commercial operation was originally planned for May 2009):

Cheap nucular power y'all!

Nice to hear that I have not lost my detailed hearing, it was just crappy lossy Spotify encoding losing all the micro detail... I'm in Qobuz lossless hifi bliss here lol

We have moved to that weird part of the year, here in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where it feels colder to be indoors than outside...

Last night I saw an owl while walking the dog. It flew around me really close by, a few times, then sat on a branch, so I got a good look. It's uncanny how silent they are. Doggo didn't really even notice.

Two hours later, the laptop is back together and the fan is working. Getting rid of the liquid metal was a hair-raising experience. It's difficult to get rid of from the safe side (the heat sink), but too easy on the dangerous side (the cpu die).

Can't recommend that crap for anyone. I replaced it with some Arctic MX-4 paste.

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Felt lucky, so I updated Mint to 20.2 and then went ahead and put in lowlatency kernel, which actually works with Nvidia drivers! What is this new devilry?

Now for the biggest test of luck: changing this laptop's CPU fan. The tricky part is that there is liquid metal used as thermal compound. Uh-oh. Definitely did not do my homework when I ordered the machine...

Hey, do we have any radiographers here?

I wonder if there is any actual need to handle x-rays as negatives anymore, other than tradition?

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