My heroes: "software engineers" that can't / won't understand the problem in the ticket, even after weeks and lots of back-and-forth. Looking at you, US tech. Your shit is weak, California.

The Great Bicycle Maintenance of 2022 is finally done! I changed the chain and all cables and new bartapes, ofc. I had a piece of old shifting cable stuck in the rear shifter; taking that out was a pain.

I also changed a new front brake rotor for my MTB and cleaned & lubed the transmission.

Today I got the bicycle parts that I ordered from Germany three weeks ago =D Joys of living in the periphery.

I think there's going to be bicycle tinkering, after I've done today's work...

So is your company spending Megabucks so you can twiddle your thumbs on company time waiting for your Windows install to update or recover from the most recent Outlook crash? Like millions of other workers around the world? In cubicles that no-one wants to work in but nevertheless cost the company a pretty penny?

Good job, all around. Keep on enhancing shareholder value, y'all.

Just upgraded Linux Mint from 20.2 to 20.3. The whole process took 6 minutes; 3 minutes for downloads (on 4G) and 3 minutes for install & changing the default SW sources back to Spain. Take that, Apple; last time I upgraded that crap it took hours and several retries on the massive download.

Red Hat / Fedora Anaconda Installer Shifting To A Web Based UI

Heh... heh... dumbasses 👏 👏 👏

I'd like to add that those Royal Enfield himalayans have been ridden to the South Pole recently, so it's not like they're some el cheapo bikes, either.

I'm a cyclist and I don't like motorcycles, but this situation is ludicrous.

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This has been said a lot already, but bicycle prices at the moment? Ridiculous. is advertising "Parapera ATMOS Carbon Gravel Bike 2022" for 5885 €. Seems expensive! At the same time you can get, for example, a Royal Enfield Himalayan 2022 motorcycle for $5300. Or a Kawasaki KLX230S for $5100. Motorcycles contain quite a lot more actual engineering than any cockamamie gravel bike, yes?

Yeah, I get it, scoots are a bit annoying... but I'll take a thousand scoots instead of one dickhead with a loud car or motorcycle driving past my house, any time of the day.

Jing of the kungle

(jeans king of the kung (light edition))

digital: of or relating to two gits

implies existence of monogital, polygital

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