I made simple for a in both and English. I plan to frame it outside the restroom.

איך װיל שרײַבן מער אױף ייִדיש.

Teachers, stop showing YouTube videos and other corporate internet content on classrooms if you don't have effective adblockers in use.

Students shouldn't be force-fed ads during class.

or ?

Mi devas lerni pli ol la jida lingvo. Mi estas malbona multlingvisto...

Do you try to avoid proprietary ?

What's your favorite flavor of jelly/jam/preserves?

001 100 010 010 011 110 100 001 101 101 110 011

Until users may do these four things, they will be controlled by whoever made the apps they use. fsf.org/about/what-is-free-sof

David Wengrow

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