Word 18:


(verb) to examine or consider with care; to read completely; to look over casually;

Holmes while exposing an art gallery as a front organization, in Elementary:

> Holmes: Uh, do you mind if we peruse? Huge fans of the neo-deconceptualists.
> Fabiana: Sure. - Holmes: Thank you. […]
> Watson: Neo-deconceptualists? Not a thing!
> Holmes: I know, but don't tell Fabiana, it might crush her..



"peruse" is contranym, one of those rare words that has skewed over time to have two opposing meanings:

1. to study carefully, or read completely.
2. to browse, skim, or glance over.

A similar shift ocurred with the word "scan", which means these two words make a synonym pair, including along their contradictory axis. 🤯


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