Word 20:

skedaddle (intransitive verb)

: to depart hurriedly, to run away quickly, to scram
: to flee in a panic

Probably from 19th century British "scathel" (harmful, wild) possibly of Ancient Greek origin through "σκέδασις" (skédasis, meaning to scatter).

Synonyms include:
💥 "blow this popsicle stand" (US), and
💨 "do a bunk" (British).



reminds me of the powerful "Run, Forrest, Run!" scene in Forrest Gump.

No, not the funny (second) use the phrase when he's grown up and runs swiftly through a nice wide-angle shot (a very memeable 2s capture).

I mean the first instance of it, where the kid passes a dramatic turning point in their life and overcomes their limitations – both physically, and emotionally.

This is the Zemeckis direction I love, as also seen in Back to the Future, and Polar Express.


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