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Soy nerd, que me interesa a aprender idiomas.

Me defiendo bastante bien en . (~B1 informalmente)

Estudio .
Je parle un peu.

Je parle l'anglais, mais je voudrais ne écrire pas dans lui.

Vivo @ - Videojuegos, BuJo, y los cacoposteaos.

@ - los libros y y . Mantengo un grupo de lectura sobre joven adulto

Por favor corrijame cuando estoy equivocada.

J'aime corrections.

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Soy nerd, que me interesa a aprender idiomas. se puede escuchar cuando despotrico sobre los y .

@booktoot despotrico sobre los libros. y va a ir aquí. 😀

Me defiendo bastante bien en . Estudio .

My native language is English, but I'm going to try to avoid using that. 😉

Does anyone use 's App? I put it back on my phone, gave it microphone and storage, and it CANNOT pick up my voice at all on speaking exercises. I'm not mumbling. I'm practically shouting, but it gives up immediately.

Any thoughts? Is it buggy right now?

Confession: I get irrationally angry at Portuguese for not being Spanish for the 15 seconds I spent trying to read it until something stuck out as Portuguese.

I don't feel like doing a deep dig (especially since I couldn't find anything I wanted to share with open access) but there seems to be no general consensus. 🤷 I'll look more another time.

I'm still skeptical of it on its own, but I feel like DL has come a LONG way in a short amount of time, so I think I'm gonna stop naysaying it for a while, at least until I find academic studies on it.

So funny story.

I was using to boost my self-esteem with French (read: I started long ago, got away from it, now I actually know 5 things where as DL thinks I know nothing, so I basically get everything right!)

But I was noticing, the audio portion is really helpful. Especially the new part where it tells you what combinations of letters sound like. And the hidden grammar section, which they should like, unhide!

I'll try not to bully Duo anymore.

there's a french conversation group at the library this afternoon or evening. It doesn't list a knowledge level, so I wonder if I should go. I already want to go to the library for something anyway.

Il y a un groupe de conversation à la bibliothèque ce midi ou soir. Je ne sais pas que niveau de aisance se trouve, donc Je ne sais pas si je vais. Déjà je voudrais aller à la bibliothèque pour quelquefois quand même.

J'en ai assez de parler avec un bruit de B et V au lieu de un bruit B ou V. Oh, espagnol 😩

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My library has Mango Languages. Anyone know how it is?

Mi biblioteca tiene Mango Languages. ¿Hay alguien que sabe si lo está bien?

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Latin Duolingo, politics, slavery mention 

How do you say "I have a migraine" in / ?

I know how to say it in "tengo una migraña".

Other than the fact I get them a lot, and I will need to express it when I have classes in French, I for some reason prefer to complain about my pain in Foreign languages?????

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instance block recommendation 

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OCR Output (chars: 778) 

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Comme, Je suis inspirée que étudier français encore.

Me mudé a Canadá para estudiar.
¡La semana pasada estaba estrada!
¡Tantas cosas que necesito hacer!
Además, las dueñas seguía burlar a mí. "Sí hay un lugar por usted." "¡No no, no lugar por usted!
Últimamente conseguí un sótano y la dueña tiene los animales.
La universidad comience a mañana.

Tantas cosas tengo que hacer.

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Anyone, who speaks Spanish, wants to learn Japanese here? I want to have a new language exchange partner.

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Last night I did a language exchange with my Peruvian friend and watched polyglot gathering on youtube. I do not have chances to speak Spanish right now. I kinda miss working with latina coworkers at a kitchen.

A lady talked about strategies for learning languages. She encouraged self-study from her experience as a leaner and as a teacher. Prioritizing the skills you want to work on for a certain period is a key strategy in her opinion.

I've been having a hard time getting myself to practice / lately. Part of it is I have some back pain and can't walk my dog, but in general I feel a bit unmotivated. Any advice is welcome.

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Does anyone have any reccomendations for writing prompt accounts around here?

Even bots. I'd actually prefer a bot, not sure why.

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