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Soy nerd, que me interesa a aprender idiomas.

Me defiendo bastante bien en . (~B1 informalmente)

Estudio .
Je parle un peu.

Je parle l'anglais, mais je voudrais ne écrire pas dans lui.

Vivo @ - Videojuegos, BuJo, y los cacoposteaos.

@ - los libros y y . Mantengo un grupo de lectura sobre joven adulto

Por favor corrijame cuando estoy equivocada.

J'aime corrections.

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Soy nerd, que me interesa a aprender idiomas. se puede escuchar cuando despotrico sobre los y .

@booktoot despotrico sobre los libros. y va a ir aquí. 😀

Me defiendo bastante bien en . Estudio .

My native language is English, but I'm going to try to avoid using that. 😉

Sorry that I haven't been on here lately. It turns out language learning when you're depressed / in the time of covid when time seems meaningless, REALLY SUCKS.

I'm trying to relearn my love of Spanish right now.

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Scary thought.

What if that group of people who used てめ on Japanese Daytime TV write books on learning Japanese???

I'd like to believe you have to demonstrate proficiency, maybe whip out your N1 or N2 certification, but you never know, right???? 🤔

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Charlie Brown / Peanuts localizations 

What does Marcy call Peppermint Patty in other languages?

Is their relationship super gay or just ambiguously gay?

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Another thing I'd like to add: Foreign languages were not required at my school even though you could not get into pretty much any school without them. I'm not talking Stanford. I'm talking the local state school. The private catholic college would take you I think, but if they didn't offer you scholarships you would have paid out the ass.

Correction: i dug into my memory: you are strongly advised to take a language because you CAN get into a state school without one, it's just really hard.

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I mean don't get me wrong, I am grateful to you mr owl. But I think you're showing us a bigger problem and putting a positive spin on it, like those stories that try to be feel-good about crowdfunding healthcare.

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Dear :
When you bring out a fact on the loading screen like "more Americans are learning a foreign language on Duolingo than in the US school system"

That doesn't make me go: "😍 yay duolingo!"

That makes me go "😱 our school system is fucked up! "

Not to mention you didn't say if they were competently learning a language. I took Spanish a bunch in k-12 and I learned... 1-10 and the basic colors. By which I mean I wasn't pronouncing them right either.

Plz stop with downer facts

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🚨 "cacaposteo" = "shitpost"
Cacapostear = " to shitpost" 🚨


Estaba ocupada, o yo cacaposteara.

Gracias @JordiGH por decirme.


Pro tip for US residents:

Spices marketed in spanish tend to be cheaper. I'm not saying you have to go to a special market, one of my local grocery stores stocks hispanohablante spices in the "international" section.

1. Learn your spice names.
2. Bring a dictionary

If you're doing this in the supermarket, your cashier will be awed at you buying powdered ajo not knowing it's garlic. 😏 (true story)

Psst: it's a much cheaper way to get azafrán for your paella.

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My friend linked to this free course.

I haven't enrolled (yet), because of so many other languages, so I can't say anything about its quality. But have a look!

Scary thought.

What if that group of people who used てめ on Japanese Daytime TV write books on learning Japanese???

I'd like to believe you have to demonstrate proficiency, maybe whip out your N1 or N2 certification, but you never know, right???? 🤔

Also, if anyone knows Resources on being nonbinary in . I'm giving myself 20 days to try the language (and then I will let myself quit if I don't like it) but if I don't know how to be nonbinary*, I don't know if I will want to continue studying it!

* You know how foreign languages make you express your personality different? I feel more comfortable being enby in non-English languages. I suppose this could be a part of myself that's changing and soon I'll be they/them pronouns only.

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@ira_pace hi! How are you?

If you don't mind, could you make an introduction post so I know a bit about you (and what languages to use)?

¡Hola! ¿Qué tal?

Si puedes, publiques un aporte de introducción entonces nos conocemos (o si sabes el español)?

Resources on learning (MS) welcome. I'm willing to pay a bit of money as long as:
1. It's not a subscription
2. I don't have to get it on Amazon.

I'm trying to learn the alphabet right now and while I managed my first day with an alphabet deck on anki, is seemingly more helpful.

I plan to try mango languages this week or the next.

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Hello fediverse I am I like different languages and cultures, currently learning

I _think_ I'm going with Arabic for the time being, because Duolingo* offers it.

I downloaded a shitload of decks to anki though.

* 1. Yes I know this is probably MS, but I need to understand that anyway.
2. Mango Languages also offers MS, and I haven't tried it yet. I'm a bit wary of going into a course with nothing but vocabulary and such, so that's why I think I'll start with Arabic as opposed to Farsi.

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I really want to start a new language today.

Looking at:

* Persian / Farsi
* Finnish
* Swahili
* Turkish
* Arabic (this has grammatical gender for people afaik, so I'd have to find out how enbies handle Arabic)
* Czech (I already asked how gender for enbies is handled)

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¡«Dodo» se dice «mimir» en español!

I'm so happy! 😊

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Writer pro tip:

If you're writing a chase (either by foot or any vehicle) in a snowy landscape, DO KNOW that there will be track in the snow and you can just follow it. The chaser won't lose the chasee so easily in snow.

Unbelievable how often you can find this blunder in actual published books...

Me interesa el Lengua de signos americana, pero apesto :

* Contacto visual
* las expresiones faciales sutiles.

Pero Pienso que ASL los requiere. ¿Es verdad?

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question: I'm somewhat interested in learning ASL, but I don't know if it's being or being socially anxious, but I am GARBAGE at:
1. Eyecontact
2. Reading subtle facial expressions

But I've heard ASL requires both of these. How true is this?

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