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Soy nerd, que me interesa a aprender idiomas. se puede escuchar cuando despotrico sobre los y .

@booktoot despotrico sobre los libros. y va a ir aquí. 😀

Me defiendo bastante bien en . Estudio .

My native language is English, but I'm going to try to avoid using that. 😉

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hey! im adam. i joined this instance so i can be exposed to toots in my target languages more often and have a place to be a language nerd :D

Let's try this.

Je suis en avance à ma université. Je veux faire la demande et étudier.

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Does anyone have a better way to switch between languages being studied that are in the same family? I did yesterday, and started this morning, and I keep trying to say things in French instead. Like "timide" instead of "tímido". I would also like to study French later today.... =/ It's a matter of getting into the right mindset, right?

It dampened my enthusiasm for about a month, but it made me realize, I don't need official classes for Spanish. And hey, I can graduate sooner. Maybe it was a blessing.

Do you know why I got an F in that class? It wasn't skipping, it wasn't that I wasn't instantly memorizing the words (they did take time though).

It was because I suck at literary analysis. I hate to put it this way, but the way literary analysis in schools is set up is pretty ableist. You have to get out of it what professors want you to get out of it. Even if you cite your shit, if they think your interpretation is bizarre, it's wrong. And my interpretations were always abnormal.

If you're wondering why I'm tooting in English, It's because I have a (n inspirational?) story for y'all.

The last Spanish class I took in Uni, I was still a Spanish minor. It sucked, because for the minor, I'd graduate LATER, because of prereqs of prereqs to take the fun classes.

But it was a literature class. I was doing great in the writing class.


My Spanish is getting a workout the past couple days (been reading a lot of articles in it trying to find something).

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Pienso que necesite usar un diccionario monolingüe. ¿Hay algunos diccionarios aparte RAE que sean recomendados?

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Consejos para aprender una idioma. Escuchar mucho y hablar mucho. Puedo escuchar mucho de espanol canal en youtube y hablo mucho con mis amigos en Esanol. Canto laus cansions tambien.

Este es mi camino de aprender Espanol.

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Fanon is the single most important writer on racism of the 20th century.

He was a major theorist and participant both in the anticolonial struggles of the post-war era, AND in the efforts to decarcerate mental healthcare.

He fought Nazis and French colonists, wrote extraordinary works of political theory, all the while treating patients and publishing research as a psychiatrist, and he did it all without even living to the age of 40.

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I agree with this article. I think I got absolute tips how to learn languages through my music journey. I use the tips for Spanish learning so far.

Translation of the toot I wrote without an english draft: today I walked the dog while listening to Pimsleur French. I had more problems than usual, because it was snowing. Kipper likes, no adores the snow. He pulled more than usual. 😩 Also, the snow wasn't plowed yet, so I had to march through it. I was exhausted, sweating!

Je suis Américaine. Je comprends un peu le français.

Hoy, paseé al perro mientras eschuaba a Pimsleur (francés). Tenía más problemas que lo normal, porque nevía. Le gusta la neiva. no, Kipper adora la nieva. Me jalaba más que lo normal. 😩 También, la nieva no había barrido ya, entonces tenía que marchar a través de la nieva. ¡Estaba molida! ¡Sudaba!

Je suis Américaine. Je comprends un peu le

Un año nuevo, una introdución nueva.

Soy nerd, que me intersa a aprender idiomas.

Me defiendo bastante bien en . (Por favor, ¡me correja!) Actualmente, también estudio .

Me gusta: , leer, animales, videojuegos.

Quiero evitar el uso de inglés solamente.

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Jesus's foreskin, known as the Holy Prepuce, was one of the many relics which circulated around Europe in the Middle Ages.

As David Farley writes, "Depending on what you read, there were eight, twelve, fourteen, or even 18 different holy foreskins in various European towns during the Middle Ages."

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I absolutely hate how gendered French is, it's literally impossible to talk about someone without gendering them and it sucks

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