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Soy nerd, que me interesa a aprender idiomas. se puede escuchar cuando despotrico sobre los y .

@booktoot despotrico sobre los libros. y va a ir aquí. 😀

Me defiendo bastante bien en . Estudio .

My native language is English, but I'm going to try to avoid using that. 😉

It only just occurred to me to check the languages offered at these graduate schools for the part of the spreadsheet my prof recommended for "Why I want to go there." my mouth is nearly watering at some of these.

You know my brother did choose his grad school literally only because it had Japanese.

community: Is there a good way to gauge my foreign skills unofficially? Like if you had a recommended internet site or something. I was hoping to estimate my / for a C.V. even if I don't have certification.

Please boost!

Hoy, mi perrito me huyó, pero rápidamente lo agarré. 😅

I'm trying to transcribe on netflix. ( ). It's a bit hard because you have to look for CC subs, and in my experience netflix originals don't have the same subs as their dubs.

It went ok when I did it for about a minute.

Trato a transcribir con Netflix. Me parece que haya muchas difficultades, porque require videos con close caption. (Videos exclusivos de Netflix no combinen los subtìtulos y dobles me parecen.)

Pienso que vaya bien.

¡Vivo! Tomaba un descanso (porque: perrito complica aprendizaje y otros problemas) pero ojalá que continue español. Creo que espera el francés un rato.
Pienso que el descanso me refresca. Me parece que pueda seguir los idiomas totalmente.

I'm alive! I took a break because of the whole "pupper not letting me learn" thing (plus I have other things on my mind), but I think I can at least get back into learning / now. I'll wait on / a bit longer. It feels weird to say, but I think the break refreshed me. I feel like I'm wholeheartedly pursuing languages again.

Pienso que quería aprender a cocinar más platos latines (¿es el término correcto?) aunque el más sur de el borde mi cocina es taco al plato, que es delicioso, pero no auténtico. Haya recomendaciones por platos que 1. ricos, 2. cocina fácil. Sé cocinar paella y guiso de arroz, pero es íberos, ¿no?

Perhaps I want to learn some Latinx dishes (Am I using that term correctly?) the most south of the border my cooking has gotten is taco salad. Which while delicious, is not authentic. Any recommendations for something that is 1. delicious. 2. easy to cook? (I already know how to make paella and spanish rice in my rice cooker but I think those are more iberian?)

Finally conjugating verbs in French! Something I halfway remember from a semester of French!

Je suis timide. 😎

Here's a picture of Kipper as incentive to help me 😝

Spoiler: The answer was even though the official language of Newfoundland seems to be English. Correct me if I'm wrong, please.

Can someone help me with French commands until I learn imperative? (Alternatively: If it's like Spanish where there's a friendly version of commands too, help me with those instead)

Remember how you people suggested I make my bilingual?

Well my brother doesn't want my dog learning Spanish. Because I need to "Respect his heritage" despite him saying people who teach their dogs commands in a foreign language based on their dogs' heritage are <ridiculous>

I have a Labrador / Mastiff. Am I supposed to teach my dog Old English?

1/2 (2nd also in English)

Study Tip for :

Color-Code your vocab cards (at least for gender).

I learned after 2 years of Spanish that I should have been learning my genders not be brute force but by colors.

And I can say with French, where some things just have an "l" in front of them, this is much easier! It takes a bit of fussing, formatting the cards (there's probably an easier way to do it that I haven't figured out) so cards take longer, but learning them is going faster, gender-wise.

Hm. Trying a new Spanish keyboard. I cannot type "@" no matter which keyboard combination I use (and these all supposedly work for this keyboard). Let's try Spain's.

Obtuve un cachorro le llamaron Kipper. Me dio cuenta de no puedo paseos con Pimsleur hasta el cachorro tiene menos energía o lo entrenemos mejor. Ojalá que lo entrenemos mejor pronto. No puedo un camino segundo porque el primer camino hace una hora (el cachorro es emocionante y pesa 70 lbs ) y Pimsleur haga 30 minutos. Necesito un nuevo estilo para hacer mis estudios de idiomas.

I got a puppy. (His name's Kipper). I learned I can't do walks until he either has less energy or is better trained. Hopefully I can get him trained on walks soon. And at least right now I can't just take a second walk for Pimsleur right now because walking this dog takes an hour because he's so excited (and 70lbs) and Pimsleur would be another 30 minutes. I need to learn a new way to do my .


Does Japanese help with Spanish?

My brother said one of the Grammatical moods (I'm assuming he means Optative/希求法) has helped him with Subjunctive in French (and I assume German). Looking at the example on Wikipedia, I think I see it. (Unless you count negation, I never got to moods). Has it helped you?

Speaking as a native English speaker- Though English technically has Subjunctive, you're never taught it does, and you don't know about it, so Subjunctive has been hard!

I've finally had time to work on French! It's been mostly vocab, but I've finally started on être and avoir. I'm hoping for 2 things by the end of the 30 days:
1. I can conjugate those 2 verbs present tense pretty well.
2. I can talk about myself at least a little.

I use anki vocabulary decks, Pimsleur* and a textbook made for studying on my own.

*From the library, but it is old.

Uso anki barajas de vocabulario, Pimsleur*, y un libro de textbook que diseñido para estudiar por su cuenta.

*desde la biblioteca, pero es antiguo.

How do you study languages on your own? / What's your process?

¿Cómo se estudia los idiomas por su cuenta? ¿Qué es su proceso?

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