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Soy nerd, que me interesa a aprender idiomas.

Me defiendo bastante bien en . (~B1 informalmente)

Estudio .
Je parle un peu.

Je parle l'anglais, mais je voudrais ne écrire pas dans lui.

Vivo @ - Videojuegos, BuJo, y los cacoposteaos.

@ - los libros y y . Mantengo un grupo de lectura sobre joven adulto

Por favor corrijame cuando estoy equivocada.

J'aime corrections.

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Soy nerd, que me interesa a aprender idiomas. se puede escuchar cuando despotrico sobre los y .

@booktoot despotrico sobre los libros. y va a ir aquí. 😀

Me defiendo bastante bien en . Estudio .

My native language is English, but I'm going to try to avoid using that. 😉

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Does anyone have any reccomendations for writing prompt accounts around here?

Even bots. I'd actually prefer a bot, not sure why.

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Here's a special commission for a friend’s birthday, requested by their fiancée @averybee ♥ She wanted two tits (birds lol) with the well-known ancient Greek lesbian poem by Sappho, that is generally translated “may you lie on the breast of your tender woman companion" which is So Clever And Gay #crossstitch

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ps: White vegans that disregard indigenous ways of eating and lump it all in with the western industrialization of livestock can absolutely shut the fuck up.

Its fine to want to be vegan for whatever reason, but unless you make room for indigenous voices in your cause:
A: Your knowledge is incomplete
B: You are racist

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There's actually a superstition about this.. That if a person were to trick their dog (like we pretend to throw balls but really don't, or hide treats) then the dog would in turn trick them on the journey to Mictlan, and not help them cross the river, leaving their owner to get across themselves or wander in purgatory forever.

So.. yknow.. Be nice to your puppies.

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Are you a writer and/or translator? Would you be interested in starting an international publishing co-operative?

I have experience from a small publishing co-op in a small country and know something about what works and what doesn't work. One main problem is small sales, so an obvious way to try to get bigger is to go international.

This is a very preliminary idea, but could it be doable to publish the same books ~simultaneously in several languages? And still operate as one legal entity?

TIL what dire straits Cherokee is in. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but it's still unfortunate. Fuck English hegemony!

últimamente, he tenido más practica con mi español con Pixelfed.

Decidí que a menos que totalmente no pueda, debía escribir una leyenda y un subtitulo por todo aporte.

Es bueno porque mientras aprendo los terminos que no necesito saber, por ejemplo ualabí, también repaso las elementales.

Unas veces, opino sobre aportes españoles, pero algunos son largos y poéticos, y ¡no pienso de nada!

I've been getting some extra practice with my Spanish with Pixelfed.

I decided that unless there was some reason I absolutely couldn't do it, I would write an English AND Spanish img description and caption for every post.

This is good, more because while I learn terms I don't need to know like the term for wallaby, I also get to brush up on basics that I'm getting rusty on.

Sometimes I comment on Spanish posts, but some are long and poetic, and I can't think of anything insightful to say!

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Does anyone have suggestions on resources on how to draw Chinese characters when left-handed?

So far all the stroke order guides I've found show me animations that would cause the pen point to stuck in the paper if drawn with left hand.

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I just found, which looks like a thorough and interesting site that reviews all kinds of language learning resources. Have a look!

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I've noticed that I'm assuming everyone on fedi to be trans unless shown otherwise.

Mi padre va visitarnos mañana por una semana.
Yo quiero que él se quede en mi casa, pero, es me frustra cuando él tiene la estadía aquí. Mi papá y mi hermano se transforman muy machismo cuando nos reunimos, y me molesta.
Tengo que hacer un montón de mierda, entonces creo que mi humor me empeora. 😩

They recently got Basic Thai in. I should see what the mechanics of Thai are in case I want to grab that. 😍

Confession: Sometimes I just look at my library's offerings and just stare. maybe drool a little. I don't even know what I'd do with Croatian.

Necesito ralear mis libros (voy a mudarme) pero estoy hosca. 😩 Quiero mudarme, pero no quiero mudarme. ¿Soy depresiva tal vez?

sé que les done, a mis amigxs o un programa de cárcel por ejemplo.

¿Hay ideas?

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boost if someone calling you a radical leftist is a compliment

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Hey, this sucks to do, but after promising that they were going to get me my provisional payments turned back on this month, SSA failed to do so. Even after borrowing and getting help from friends and family, I am still $200 short for my mortgage payment. Anything is appreciated. I try to contribute to these for other people on Fedi when I can, so all I can do is hope a little of it comes back to me now.

Redone because I somehow forgot the link! 😅

En Wikipedia, la página "Gato atigrado" es aproximadamente una mitad de la página "Tabby Cat" en inglés.

¡Qué pena!

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"Pull yourself up by your bootstraps" was originally satire because that is, um, impossible. It's now stated without irony.

"Just a few bad apples," when referring to police, conveniently ignoring the full aphorism ials actually: One bad apple *spoils the bunch.*

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@ink_slinger also "blood is thicker than water" is actually short for "The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb" which means that friendship formed in hardship is stronger than family bonds, the exact opposite of the shorthand

And curiosity killed the cat used to stop people asking questions is actually short for "Curiosity killed the cat, But satisfaction brought it back" which is a little more encouraging of asking questions

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